Low rate loans to jewelers and diamond brokers on excess inventory.

Chapes JPL has been granting  loans to jewelers, fine jewelry stores and watch shops at affordable lending rates for over thirty years. These designer jewelers have discovered the advantage of using a hard-to-sell item as an asset for a secured business loan to purchase higher demand jewelry inventory. The business loan approval process relies strictly on pledged loan collateral.  There are no other loan requirements in order to be approved, so anyone is eligible for a loan regardless of credit history, finances, etc.

If you own and operate a private retail jewelry store, watch shop (or are in the precious metals market with high-end inventory from some of the world’s most influential watch and jewelry designers), you know the value of keeping a large store inventory in stock.  Watch and jewelry sales will most likely increase when offering a wider jewelry selection because people like to buy on impulse.  How often have you heard someone say something like, “I saw these diamond earrings and I just had to have them”?

Jewelry displays are crucial for presenting the jewelry supply available for sale and is primarily the jewelry shop’s full presentation of what the store has to offer. Displaying a mix of inventory, from trendy and more modern jewelry to the conservative diamond solitaire, provides a winning display of jewelry and designer luxury watches. Keeping the right jewelry inventory on hand will positively affect your profit margin.