At Chapes-JPL we offer some of the lowest interest rates in the industry on Jewelry Loans. Our offices in Atlanta are located within The Lenox Building, across from Lenox Center. All of our jewelry loans are fast and confidential.  Walk-ins are welcome, but if you schedule an appointment, you can guarantee complete privacy and walk out with a jewelry loan in a few minutes.

Your jewelry is safe with us.

All jewelry used as collateral is appraised, photographed, insured and stored in one of our offsite bank vaults until you are ready to pick your item up. Pawn shops do jewelry loans, hoping that one day you will default and they can sell your item in one of their glass cases.

We provide low interest pawn shop loans on jewelry at much lower rates, making it more affordable to pickup. And almost 90% of Chapes clients never default on their loan!

Providing jewelry loans for over 35 years, call Chapes-JPL for a confidential appointment and let us earn your business.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and see why over 17,000 clients have chosen Chapes-JPL.

Lenders and buyers

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