Mortgage brokers have taken a lot of the heat for America’s failing economy in recent years.  In addition to an unpredictable housing marketing, record high foreclosures and new government regulations restricting compensation for mortgage brokers, many have left the business.  Those licensed professionals who have managed to continue their practices have done so due to hard work, influential business connections and some good old fashion “know-how”.

In many ways, new government policies and a tighter real estate market have created an advantage for residential and commercial buyers.  For example, someone looking for a mortgage to finance a new home will not be subjected to the possibility of being charged unnecessary fees.  Also, any mortgage broker remaining in business today is more likely to be well seasoned in the industry and will work harder to keep their customers.  This is a definite plus for consumers requiring a loan for personal or business.

Although tough changes have created an advantage for the consumer, the modern day mortgage broker has undoubtedly overcome many obstacles in order to survive.  It is also quite probable that many of these champion brokers have risked their own financial portfolio at times.  Yet, these diligent pros have thrived because they enjoy what they do and know there is a significant need for their expertise.

Without mortgage brokers, real estate buyers without cash would be forced to accept the unbendable mortgage interest rates offered by traditional banks.  The other option would be for a potential borrower to repeat the same paperwork process with every lender in which they submit a loan inquiry.  Needless to say, re-applying for a mortgage with more than one lender could become very monotonous, time consuming and costly.

Today’s modern day entrepreneurs are struggling to stay in business.  A high percentage of small companies are doing whatever they can to stay afloat.  Nonetheless, business- operating expenses are rising and profits are falling.  This combination makes it very difficult for the average small business owner to survive.  What makes matters worse is that banks are now stricter than ever about granting traditional loans for business or personal use.

If you are a mortgage broker (or the owner of any size business) and have found yourself backed against a wall financially; Chapes JPL may be able to help.  With the right valuable asset, you could be eligible for a low interest, short-term business loan.

The following is a short summary of items, which qualify as collateral for a secured loan:

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Breitling Navitimer
  • Cartier Roadster
  • Gold Pendants
  • Gold Watches
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus
  • Rolex Submariner
  • Rare Coins
  • Sterling Silver
  • Tiffany Wedding Ring
  • Vintage Jewelry

Chapes is one of the nation’s oldest and most trusted jewelry buyers and lenders.  This jewelry exchange merchant does not operate like a typical pawn shop.  The business was initially started more than 30 years ago in Atlanta for the sole purpose of providing a better way to get fast money without having to turn to a traditional pawnbroker.

All appraisals at Chapes JPL are performed in private, upscale offices, which are situated in highly secure financial buildings and in the best parts of town.  Collateral loans are offered up to $5 Million at less than 10% interest per month with the ability to make principal payments simultaneous with a client’s monthly interest payment.   Chapes also buys jewelry and other high ticket assets for typically much higher values (as much as 50% more).

All pledged collateral items with Chapes are photographed, insured and safely kept in bank vaults until a loan is completed.   To schedule your free asset appraisal to help fund your small business, or to supplement your personal finances, visit  Also, be sure to ask a Chapes representative about fuel and/or airfare reimbursements for customers taking loans amounting to $25,000 or more.