Enzo Ferrari began manufacturing exotic sports cars in Maranello, Italy in 1929 specifically for the purpose of racing.  However, by 1947 (and after a series of events, including a government confiscation during the war in 1941), Enzo Ferrari decided to produce and market street model Ferraris to help fund the manufacturer’s racing efforts.

Ferrari cars, such as the Ferrari Spider are some of the fastest, most luxurious and highest quality vehicles available to date. If you drive a Ferrari, but have considered selling it to take care of unpaid bills; come up with a down payment to purchase real estate; or some other financial circumstance; there is a fast way to get money without selling your car.

Chapes JPL in Atlanta, Georgia specializes in Ferrari car loans for some of the world’s most wealthy individuals.  We began loaning money privately more than 30 years ago from our Atlanta location as an effort to provide people with a better way to get financial help rather than turning to a typical pawnshop.  Since that time, we have been the cash lender to turn to for many pro-athletes, famous entertainers and everyone in between.

Since we started business in 1980, our customer base has grown from locally to nationwide due to our consistently affordable and discreet jewelry buying and loan services.  We added a second office in South Florida to accommodate a growing customer base.  More than 80% of our clients pay off their loans, redeem their assets and return for additional loans using the same collateral item.

We are not a car consignment company, or a used car lot.  Our business focuses strictly on lending on luxury assets for secured interest onlyloans.   Over the past few years, some of our best clients have found the benefit of using their luxury or sports vehicle as collateral to get the fast cash loan they need.

Some people are unable to qualify for traditional bank loans, but others simply do not have time to wait on the piles of paperwork and other lengthy bank procedures.  Either way, Chapes can accommodate short term emergency loans for our clients up to $5 Million.  We offer same day cash loans for less than 10% interest, which are some of the lowest interest rates available in the private loan industry.

The average car pawn company will charge as much as 25% interest per month for a vehicle collateral loan.  This high interest loan rate makes it almost impossible to pay off a loan, so many of their customers never get their vehicle back.  Chapes will beat any competitor’s loan rate – WE GUARANTEE IT!  We also encourage clients to make as many payments towards the principal during the loan as possible.  And on top of that, *we frequently will reimburse customers outside of South Florida who do business with us for fuel.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND – THIS IS NOT A TITLE LOAN.  Therefore, you will need to leave your vehicle with us until the loan is paid off.  However, you can rest assured that all vehicles pledged for a loan with Chapes are kept in a secure, off-site storage facility at no cost to the client.

You will need to bring the following with you to your auto appraisal

  • Clear Title
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Proof of Insurance

Chat with us online today, or call us by phone to schedule your FREE and private auto appraisal.  We look forward to hearing from you!

*Please speak with a Chapes representative for more information about fuel reimbursement terms.