Chapes JPL in Atlanta is the nation’s premier private loan lender and one of the best places to sell jewelry when you need to make money fast! We have been serving Georgia businesses and residents for more than thirty years.  Our doors were originally opened for the sole purpose of providing a more affordable and safer loan lending option than traditional Georgia pawn shops.

Regardless of where you live in Georgia, Chapes will make it worth your while to take the time to visit us when you are ready to sell silver coins, a GIA certified diamond, gold jewelry, or other high end assets? 

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If you could sell your diamonds for some of the highest values, or save up to 90% on loan interest rates for a fast cash loan, wouldn’t you agree that a short day’s drive is worth the trip?  The typical pawnshop in Georgia will buy assets for as little as they can get away with and charge interest rates up to 25% for collateral based loans.  These lending programs make it almost impossible for a customer to ever get their asset back.

Chapes JPL is a unique lender and asset buyer who values all of our customers regardless of their situation. Providing pawn loans in Atlanta and its surrounding areas to everyone from the unemployed to the most elite Georgia business owner, our jewelry and gold loan services are available for all that need cash today.  Our confidential appraisal techniques and less than 10% interest rates are also favored by pro athletes and entertainers.

At Chapes JPL, each asset appraisal is performed by appointment only in our private and highly secure office situated in beautiful Buckhead.  We are located next to the best hotels, boutique shops and fine dining.   While you are in town to visit us, you can take advantage of some of Atlanta’s best menus and shopping.

A majority of our clients return for additional loans after experiencing our professional buying and lending approach. Some of our most frequent customers reside or operate their business in the Atlanta metropolitan area from cities such as Athens, Alpharetta, Augusta, Buford, Columbus, Cummings, Decator, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Macon, McDonough, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville.  Additionally clients travel from Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama; Anderson, Clemson and Greenville, South Carolina; Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Regardless if you are looking for the best place to sell gold, silver bullion coins, or trying to find out how to get a loan for personal expenses or to fund a business, Chapes JPL is the one you can count on.  We do not require credit checks, tax records, employment or any other loan requirements to get cash today.   Appraisal appointments typically last about 30 minutes and you leave with a check in hand.  Call today to schedule your free asset appraisal.