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What Is a Diamond Appraisal?

Before obtaining a diamond appraisal, it is important to understand what a diamond appraisal consists of. A diamond appraisal consists of a thorough description of a diamond’s appearance, size, and shape. A diamond appraisal also considers the diamond’s cut. The cut of a diamond determines how much of the diamond is visible and how valuable the diamond is. Professional cutters often use lasers or computer aided design to make diamonds of different shapes. There are over 250 different diamond cuts. Most gem-grade diamonds have 57 facets.


Worthy is a luxury goods auction site that features brand-name watches and diamond jewelry. The site is designed to help people buy and sell diamond jewelry in a safe and secure environment. Worthy also offers a diamond appraisal to help potential buyers understand the value of a diamond before purchasing. Its diamond appraisal service is available in over a dozen languages and is backed by a certified diamond expert.

Worthy offers online appraisal services but also welcomes in-person appraisals in its New York City store. The service is led by Chief Gemologist Roy Albers, who used to head gemstone acquisitions at Tiffany & Co. The service is accessible and easy to use. It also has a mobile app that helps potential clients communicate with the appraiser.

Worthy requires that customers provide some basic information about the jewelry and upload a few photos. After providing the necessary information, the company will give them an approximate range of bids for their pieces. If they choose to accept the bid, the customer will receive a FedEx package containing a pre-paid shipping label. The package will be received by Worthy in a few days and will be insured for up to $50,000.

When it comes to pricing, Worthy’s service is very reasonable. The site allows sellers to set a minimum price for their items and offers a price guarantee. It is also free to use the service, and you can send your items back at any time if you are not satisfied with the price. Worthy also offers payment options like PayPal, direct deposit, and paper checks.


Getting a GIA diamond appraisal is an important step when buying a diamond. These experts grade diamonds according to a number of factors, such as color, cut, and clarity. The best clarity grade is FL, while the worst is I3. A FL diamond is perfect, meaning there are no noticeable blemishes in it. GIA diamond appraisals are also detailed, providing the buyer with detailed reports that tell them exactly what the diamond is worth.

The GIA has rigorous procedures to ensure the objectivity of the grading process. The diamond is first placed in a transparent storage case, removed from its owner’s name, and assigned a bar-coded label to track it throughout the grading process. The lab uses the latest technology and has highly trained staff that monitor the inventory.

The GIA diamond appraisal also contains information about the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond. The report also includes images of the diamond in its rough state. You can also get an idea of the diamond’s provenance by reading the origin report. This way, you will be better able to decide how much to pay for your diamond.

The GIA diamond grading report includes information about the diamond’s 4Cs and any treatments. This information allows you to compare diamonds side by side. Additionally, you can purchase a GIA report that compares diamonds of different carat weights and quality grades.

GIA certification

If you want to get an accurate and credible diamond appraisal, you should look for a GIA certification. A GIA certified diamond appraisal is one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible for your diamond. These reports are prepared by an expert team of GIA Graduate Gemologists, who work to the highest standards of ethical integrity. These experts can give you a meaningful appraisal that will be accepted by insurance companies.

A GIA certificate tells you exactly when to expect your diamond back, and it varies by the type of gem you have. You may have to wait a month for a unique gem, but a normal diamond can be graded within a month. In general, GIA turnaround times are around ten days for diamond appraisals within the USA.

Diamonds that have GIA certification will have an ID number that is unique to it. Smaller stones are laser-engraved, but this is optional for larger diamonds. A GIA grading report comes in two formats. A GIA dossier contains a diamond plot and a GIA grading report.

A GIA report will also provide an overview of the characteristics of a diamond. The certificate will include information on the diamond’s cut, shape, and measurements.

GIA diamond grading report

The GIA diamond grading report describes the characteristics of diamonds using a four-point scale. Each letter represents a different characteristic. For example, the letter D represents a colorless diamond, while Z means a diamond that is a light shade of yellow. Although these two color grades are not always comparable, they are generally in the same range. A diamond’s color can affect its value and the GIA’s report can help you determine its true value.

The GIA is an independent third-party laboratory that grades diamonds. Since the GIA has no financial interest in the quality of a diamond, its reports are completely objective. They accurately represent the quality of a diamond. Each GIA report grades the 4Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat – of a diamond.

The GIA diamond grading report is considered the gold standard for diamond quality. It includes a detailed evaluation of a diamond’s four Cs, as well as a graphic representation of its proportions. The GIA also assigns a unique identifier to a diamond, giving buyers confidence in the purchase and sale of a diamond.

In addition to the 4Cs, a diamond’s GIA grading report contains additional elements that provide more accurate information. For example, a diamond’s girdle will contain a laser-inscribed number. This is an added measure of authenticity and quality, ensuring that a diamond is not fraudulently graded.

GIA diamond dossier

If you are looking for a diamond with the highest quality, you should choose one that has a GIA certificate. This certificate will show that the diamond has undergone a rigorous evaluation and is a certified gem. It includes the diamond’s unique GIA report number, which is laser engraved on the girdle of the diamond. You can use this number to verify the diamond’s authenticity by visiting the GIA website. The certificate will also include information about the 4Cs, including the cut, colour, and proportion of the diamond. GIA certification will give you peace of mind and ensure that you are getting a diamond worth its price.

GIA is also launching an app that will let you view your diamond’s grading report on your mobile phone. The app will include a guide to the 4Cs, as well as videos and articles from GIA. It will also give you access to features that were previously only available for paper reports.

The GIA diamond dossier is a shortened version of a full diamond report. This document is less detailed, but contains important information about a diamond’s color and clarity. It is available only for diamonds up to 1.99 carats and does not include a clarity plot, which depicts a diamond’s specific identifying characteristics. However, if you own a diamond with a laser inscription, the dossier may not contain all the details you need to be confident in its value.

American Gem Society

If you are in the market for a diamond appraisal, the American Gem Society is the organization to turn to. AGS is a group of the nation’s top independent appraisers, suppliers, and jewelers. Their website offers information about diamond grading reports, and a user-friendly interface makes obtaining an appraisal as easy as possible.

Whether you are planning to sell or buy a diamond, the American Gem Society offers accredited diamond appraisal services. These professionals have undergone rigorous training in the field of gemology and jewelry appraisal. They are also members of the American Gem Society and are committed to providing the best customer service and information on diamonds and gemstones. The society also requires their members to have an accredited gem laboratory, which contains the necessary testing equipment and gemological reference library for accurate identifications.

The AGS is a nonprofit association that offers diamond grading services. The company’s reports are accurate and consistent and are prepared by the industry’s most qualified gemologists. In addition to offering diamond appraisals, the organization also publishes many valuable publications. AGS offers a comprehensive package of services that will satisfy all of your needs.

The American Gem Society was founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley, a successful jeweler in Los Angeles. He realized there was a huge problem among jewelry-industry professionals. After taking a correspondence course with the National Association of Goldsmiths in Great Britain, Robert Shipley returned to the United States with new expertise. On September 16, 1930, Robert M. Shipley founded the preliminary course in gemology.

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