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Are Cubic Zirconia Diamonds Worth Anything? A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Matt Anton

Are Cubic Zirconia Diamonds Worth Anything? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to diamonds, we often associate them with luxury, prestige, and significant monetary value. However, not all diamonds are created equal. Cubic zirconia, often referred to as “CZ,” is a diamond simulant that has gained popularity as an affordable alternative to natural diamonds. But are cubic zirconia diamonds worth anything? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all aspects of cubic zirconia to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Cubic Zirconia


Cubic zirconia is a synthetic crystalline substance made from zirconium dioxide. It closely mimics the appearance of natural diamonds, thanks to its hardness and brilliance. CZ is created in laboratories and undergoes meticulous processes to achieve its diamond-like characteristics.


Cubic zirconia was first synthesized in the 1930s, but it gained commercial prominence in the 1970s as an affordable alternative to diamonds. It has since been used in various types of jewelry, from engagement rings to earrings.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordability: Cubic zirconia is significantly less expensive than natural diamonds, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.
  • Brilliance: CZ stones are known for their exceptional sparkle and fire, which can rival that of high-quality diamonds.
  • Variety: You can find cubic zirconia in various colors and shapes, allowing for more design possibilities.


  • Durability: While CZ is relatively hard, it is not as durable as natural diamonds and can scratch or become damaged over time.
  • Value Depreciation: Cubic zirconia does not hold its value over time. Unlike natural diamonds, it is not considered a long-term investment.
  • Authenticity Concerns: CZ can be mistaken for genuine diamonds, potentially leading to misunderstandings or misrepresentations.

How CZ Compares to Natural Diamonds

Physical Properties

While cubic zirconia shares some physical properties with natural diamonds, such as hardness and brilliance, they can be distinguished by experts using specialized equipment. CZ tends to have more colorful flashes, while diamonds often exhibit a subtler play of colors.


Natural diamonds have a long history of retaining and increasing in value over time, making them a valuable investment. In contrast, cubic zirconia does not appreciate in value and is considered a fashion accessory rather than an investment.

Is There Any Resale Value?

Unfortunately, cubic zirconia diamonds do not have significant resale value. Unlike natural diamonds, which can be sold or passed down through generations, CZ jewelry is typically not sought after in the secondary market. If you’re looking for jewelry with investment potential, natural diamonds or other precious gemstones are a better choice.

The Role of Sentimental Value

While cubic zirconia may not have monetary value, it can hold sentimental value for many people. CZ jewelry can symbolize important moments, relationships, or personal style choices. Ultimately, the worth of a cubic zirconia piece may come from the sentiment attached to it rather than its financial value.

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