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Remember back in grade school when your idea of a Mother’s Day gift was a homemade card with uncooked noodles, yard, and plastic sequins glued to the front? Those were the days! If only it was still that easy to get mom that special gift.


Now granted, we know that most moms would be thrilled with anything they receive from their kids, but wouldn’t it be great to give them something that would excite them and really show them how much they mean to you?


These days it’s harder than ever to get a present for someone you love. The economy is down, gas prices are up, and the majority of people are just trying to make ends meet. The last thing you want to do is go out and spend the money you need on a gift – even if it is mommy dearest.


We understand the desire to please the most important women in your life this weekend and we want to help you with that. If you are strapped for money and feel the only resort to a Mother’s Day Gift is gluing some pasta to note cards, then give us a call.


At Chapes JPL, we will help you get the cash you need to get mom the fantastic Mother’s Day gift she deserves. Just bring in your jewelry, gold, diamonds, or luxury watches and sit back and watch how easy it is to get fast money.


You can simply sell your items to us to receive cash, or you can take out a short term loan in order to get cash AND get your significant jewelry back once the loan is paid off.


With the lowest interest rates in the private lending business (we back that up with a lowest interest guarantee), why would you want to go anywhere else?


What doesn’t a mother do? She is a best friend, teacher, doctor, chef, referee, and so much more all in one. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we would love to know what your mother means to you. Go ahead and tell us all about your awesome mom in the comments section below!


We are waiting for your call.  Make this Mother’s Day one she will remember.

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