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One of the major perks of getting a loan on your diamonds in Dacula is you get instant funds without ever going through a credit check. Not to mention, this type of diamond loan does not require you to provide employment or income verification. The diamond loan process with Chapes-JPL is broken down into three easy steps, so you can get a loan on your diamonds in Dacula quickly and easily.

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Our Simple Process for a Diamond Loan in Dacula

At Chapes-JPL, the diamond loan process is quick and easy. This specific type of loan is called a jewelry equity loan. And, it is a great loan option for anyone looking to get a loan on their diamonds. Get started by filling out a no-obligation interest form.

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Then, within 24 hours, Chapes-JPL gives you a quote on the value of your diamonds. You and Chapes-JPL will reach an agreement, and your diamonds will be shipped securely to Chapes-JPL. Finally, the diamonds go through a transparent, in-person assessment and you are presented with a final offer. Once accepted, Chapes-JPL funds you immediately.

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The entire loan process can be as fast as 48 hours. Chapes-JPL loan process is preferable because it is a fast, easy and trustworthy way to get a loan in Dacula. Throughout your loan, your diamonds are kept in our secure vault. So, get a loan from a company you can trust.

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