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Sell Diamond For Cash – Which Online Buyer Will Pay the Most?

If you are considering selling your diamond ring, there are a few different ways to get the most money for it. Some traditional buyers may not offer the best price, but they can be quicker and easier. Online buyers are also more profitable than traditional buyers, because they run a lower overhead and generally only care about the material value. So, you can expect to get more money when selling your diamond ring online. To find out if an online buyer will pay the most, read on!

Online buyers

There are several ways to sell diamond for cash online. Many local pawnshops offer better prices than online diamond sellers, so it pays to shop around and receive multiple offers before deciding on one. Shipping your diamond is a breeze – it will arrive in brand-new condition, and you’ll receive your cash in a week or so. Depending on the site, you can sell your diamond back to the buyer or receive the cash immediately.

The first method involves selling your diamond to a company that offers competitive prices. A reputable company will make the process as simple as possible for you. Look for customer service and a reputation in your area. Unless you know the business inside and out, you’re unlikely to get a high price from an unknown site. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, consider selling your diamond through an online auction site like eBay. You can also contact a local jewelry store that sells diamonds and consigns them.

Before selling your diamond, it is necessary to know its basic information. Estimate the size, clarity and weight of the diamond. Obviously, bigger stones fetch more money. It’s important to compare prices and estimates before negotiating. Remember that diamonds are worth much more than you think, so never settle for a low offer. If you have any questions, ask the salesperson for help. They’ll guide you to the best possible deal.

Selling your diamond on your own is also possible, but can be complicated and potentially dangerous. Many individuals would rather entrust their precious diamonds to a professional, and avoid the hassles and dangers of doing it alone. In addition to the hassles, you may also end up with a lesser return, but you’ll still be able to use your cash for another purchase. But there are several rules you must adhere to in order to sell diamond for cash online.

Local jewelers

While some people think selling a diamond to a pawnbroker is the best way to get cash, the reality is that you could actually get a much better price for your diamond by selling it directly to a local jeweler. Brick and mortar jewelry stores often have large markups and overheads, so you’ll likely be charged a higher price. This is because they need to cover their labor costs and overhead.

While it’s tempting to try to sell your diamond to local jewelers, this is a dangerous proposition because there is a higher risk of scamming. Local jewelers are notorious for charging less than online buyers. In order to avoid this, you should do your research first. The Internet is a great place to find reputable diamond buyers. If you’re not sure where to start, consider posting a classified ad in your local paper.

When trying to sell a diamond to a jeweler, make sure to include the details about the quality of the diamond, how it was set, and any other information about it. Remember to note down the range of prices for various diamonds. It’s a good idea to set a minimum price and a realistic range for each. If the diamond is valued over $2,000, you can probably expect to get around 30% of the retail price.

If you don’t want to sell your diamond directly to a jewelry store, you can also sell it to national jewelry stores. These businesses are known to buy used jewelry and are often more willing to pay cash than give store credit. Keep in mind that national jewelry stores don’t necessarily offer the best prices, however, because the supply and demand in your local area are a factor. But if you’re desperate for cash, a local jeweler may be the best option.


Most pawnshops are family-owned and operate locally. While these businesses pay very high percentages for diamonds and other valuable jewelry, they also accept other types of items, including collectible coins. They are an excellent alternative to pawn shops, which often pay only scrap value for jewelry. These businesses usually melt down your items, so it is often better to get money up front than to try to sell your diamond on the open market.

The reason you should never sell your diamond to a pawn shop is that they make money by buying the item at its lowest price and then marking it up to the highest possible price. Although they won’t pay as much as the original purchase price, pawn shops still make a profit by selling the item below retail value, as long as the final selling price is higher than the original purchase price. While this can be a convenient and quick solution for those who need fast cash, there are better alternatives.

If you are concerned about the value of your diamond, don’t be afraid to ask for a free appraisal. The internet has many free diamond valuation calculators. Some even have online reviews, so you can find out about the quality of their service before going to a pawn shop. If you are not comfortable with the appraisal provided by a pawn shop, you can always use an online calculator to see the value of your item.

Some pawnshops sell diamonds for cash and pay in terms of hours, months, and years. Depending on the quality of your diamond, you can get anywhere from $50 to a hundred thousand dollars. These loans are easy and convenient. However, you may not get the exact amount you want, as it is difficult to compare prices in the same industry. The amount you receive depends on various factors, such as the type of diamond and current market value.

Jewelry stores

There are many options available for selling your diamond for cash at a jewelry store. While selling directly to a buyer may seem easier, it is much riskier. People may not trust you, and you may not get the exact amount you want. Instead, you may be better off selling your diamond on consignment to a jewelry store. This will save you the hassle and the stress of getting your diamond appraised. In addition, a jewelry store is less likely to take advantage of your situation if they have to wait for a buyer to come in.

You may also be able to sell your diamond to an individual jeweler. In such cases, you need to know your diamond appraisal value and be able to produce a GIA certificate. The buyer will expect proof of the diamond’s quality. Fortunately, most buyers prefer custom pieces. Therefore, you can expect to receive a higher price when selling your diamond to a jewelry store. However, be prepared to negotiate.

The process is similar to selling your diamond to a private individual, with one difference. The jewelry store will buy your diamond from you and pay you approximately twenty percent of the price. That way, you will get a total of $2,500, which you can use to purchase a new piece of jewelry. The entire process can take a few weeks, and if you’re lucky, you can even make a profit while you wait.

If you choose to sell your diamond in person, it’s better to sell it on the Internet instead. This way, you won’t have to worry about shipping and insurance. And while this method is not completely risk-free, it can help you avoid the hassles of consignment. It’s also a good way to get rid of unwanted jewelry, while reducing security risks. The important thing is to find a reputable jeweler.

Private buyers

If you are looking to sell your diamond for cash, selling it online is a great option. Unlike selling your diamond on an auction site, you won’t have to drive around town and wait to receive an estimate. Plus, you’ll be able to compare estimates from dozens of potential buyers. However, selling your diamond this way can also be riskier because you will have to take care of shipping and insurance costs.

Another option to sell your diamond is a jewelry store. Many jewelry stores have their own outlet for reselling engagement rings. However, not all jewelers buy previously-owned diamonds. However, if you find a trusted jeweler, they’ll likely purchase it for less than the manufacturer’s list price. Ultimately, selling your diamond to a jewelry store is a safer option than selling it to a private buyer.

Listed below are a few of the top sites to sell your diamond for cash. ABE MOR offers free quotes for diamonds up to 0.50 carat. AGS and GIA certificates will be needed. They’ll also ship your jewelry securely back to you, so you can be sure it will reach its destination safely. And don’t forget about CIRCA. This site also offers a commission-free option, which makes selling your diamond ring a breeze.

Listed below are some tips to make selling your diamond as easy as possible. You’ll want to include information on the quality of your diamond, what setting it’s in, and how much you’re asking. Also, remember that diamonds can have different values depending on their 4 Cs rating, so you don’t want to expect to get the appraisal value of your diamond. You’ll likely end up getting a little less than the retail value of your diamond if you sell your diamond in this way.

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