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Sell Diamond For Cash – How to Get the Best Price For Your Diamond

There are many ways to sell your diamond for cash. Online diamond buyers like Gemesti offer top dollar for jewelry. Other options include eBay and consignment shops. Here are some tips to help you get the best price for your diamond. When selling your diamond, be sure to get multiple quotes and don’t settle for the first offer you get. Keep in mind that your diamond may be worth much more than the current offer. Read on to learn more.

Online diamond buyers like Gemesti offer the best prices

There’s no need to spend hours negotiating with local jewelers to sell your diamonds for cash. With online diamond buyers such as Gemesti, the process is as simple as filling out a simple form online and coordinating with a FedEx courier. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your privacy or being hassled by mini-cartel-like small town economics. The best part is that you can expect to receive a fair market price for your diamond. Although it will never be quite the original purchase price, it will likely reflect an accurate second-hand value.

There are several factors that affect the resale value of a diamond. Although the retail diamond industry is highly competitive, many retailers operate on a thin profit margin. For example, online jeweler Ritani has added information to their sites pertaining to profit margins on diamonds. Another factor to consider when determining the resale value of a diamond is the size of the stone. If a stone is too small to be considered a rare gemstone, it will most likely have little resale value.

The price of diamonds varies, depending on the cut and quality. Those that have undervalued diamonds will find their value decreased by 30 percent. During the recession and global crisis, this percentage could be even lower. If you are in a small town, you may be unable to find a reliable buyer to sell your diamonds for cash. Online diamond buyers like Gemesti are known for their fast and easy payment methods.

With the help of an independent gemologist, Gemesti can make you a formal offer for your diamond. Gemesti will arrange for free overnight FedEx shipping to their EGL USA lab. If you accept the final offer, you can receive your cash within 48 hours. Moreover, Gemesti accepts loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. If you wish to make a purchase with them, simply upload the signed sales contract.

When it comes to selling diamonds, price fluctuation is an important factor. Unlike in the past, diamond prices have been rising since the COVID-19 pandemic. While the diamond market may have been affected by the epidemic, there is still a thriving second-hand diamond market, and private sellers have begun to realize that selling diamonds for cash online is the most efficient way to sell their diamonds.

Consignment is cheaper than consignment

There are pros and cons to selling a diamond on consignment. It will get you a decent amount of money, but you will have to pay more for the setting and diamond itself. However, you will have a new destiny for your diamond. The best part about selling on consignment is that you can negotiate the price with the buyer. And besides, it will be easier to sell your stone to a trustworthy seller.

For one thing, consignment is more convenient for consumers who want to buy pre-owned jewelry at low prices. But it is not so good for consignors who want to earn more money. Consignment stores need to make a profit in order to pay their overhead costs, such as rent, mortgage, insurance, and staff wages. Consignment stores also have to compete with stores that sell trendy, high-end jewelry.

You can choose to sell your diamond on consignment to your local jewelry store. There, your diamond will be displayed in their store and will be sold by a jeweler for a commission. You pay the jeweler a small percentage of the sale price, usually 25 to 40 percent. While this method saves you the hassle of selling your diamond on consignment, it takes quite some time to sell a diamond. It is important to select a store with high traffic, as well as a jeweler you feel comfortable working with.

Retail markups are typically higher than the market value of your diamond. In some cases, retailers add up to 200% of the diamond’s price based on the wholesaler’s markup. Retailers must also cover their overhead costs, space rent, and wages. The net effect is that you may end up losing more money than you originally paid for it. You might want to consider selling your diamond on consignment to an online retailer instead.

Online classifieds

Unlike traditional diamond buyers, online classifieds buyers pay attention to the value of the material itself. Rather than limiting the price to a fraction of its retail value, these companies pay top dollar for diamonds. You can easily send your diamond for appraisal, and the top buyers will overnight the item to their offices for evaluation. You can then expect to receive payment quickly. Diamonds are worth what someone is willing to pay for them at any given time, and you should try to sell yours now before prices drop.

A diamond can fetch a higher price when sold to a public individual instead of a jewellery insider. However, public individuals do not have access to wholesale prices and would want to avoid paying retail. Therefore, it is difficult to find the right buyer for a diamond through an online classifieds site, and you may end up with a less than desirable buyer. Therefore, you should try to sell your diamond through a dealer or consignment shop, which will ensure that the buyer will give you a better price. However, you should be aware that the dealer will take a commission when selling your diamond.

When selling your diamond online, you must be clear on the price range and timeline you’re willing to accept. Being upfront about your expectations will help you establish trust and set the stage for success. You can even sell your diamond through a friend or acquaintance, but you must ensure that you receive a good price for it. If you sell it to a friend, they will usually pay you nearly the same price as a jewelry store.

EBay is another option. However, you should keep in mind that EBay’s diamonds are not cheap. In this case, you should choose a reputable vendor with a long history and a proven sales record. A good seller should offer a guarantee to protect you from being cheated. EBay buyers are generally more trustworthy because they have proven their legitimacy. However, selling a diamond online is not easy.


If you’re tired of waiting for your diamond to be valued, you can sell it on eBay and earn some quick cash. The largest consumer-to-consumer marketplace in the US, eBay is the number one destination for diamond buyers and sellers. With $3 billion worth of jewelry listed on its site, it’s no wonder more people are turning to eBay as a selling platform. Here are some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

First of all, you should check whether eBay has a track record for selling diamonds. Online diamond auctions are usually insured and reputable, and they expose you to sellers around the world. However, these auctions are not for the general public; they are only for members of the jewelry and diamond trade. Moreover, you should check the reputation of the seller before bidding on their diamonds, since some sellers may not be trustworthy or have a good reputation.

The description of your listing is very important. Start with the carat weight and mention the certificate, if any. Next, mention the cut of your diamond, the style of the ring, and so on. A detailed description of your item should be well written and include photos. If you’re not confident writing, ask someone else to write the description for you, or copy other listings and put it on your listing. However, be sure to use professional photos.

The most important step when selling a diamond is getting the money. You need to separate yourself from the diamond and be objective. A buyer cannot take into account your emotional attachment to it, which may make the process longer and the offer feel less than satisfactory. It’s not wise to try to sell your diamond at retail prices, as it’s nearly impossible to make a profit from it. Therefore, make sure you sell it online or in a local store. You can find a diamond buyer on the internet. The best place to sell your diamond on eBay is Diamonds USA.

Another important step in selling your diamond on eBay is to obtain a certificate from the GIA. A GIA certificate tells the buyer the diamond’s clarity and its quality. eBay buyers are usually professional jewelers, and many are professional jewelry sellers. GIA certificates are the most trustworthy way to sell a diamond on eBay, but there are still some tricks to avoid. GIA certificates should be microengraved on the girdle and visible under magnification.

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