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Sell Diamond For Cash – How to Find the Best Place to Sell Your Diamond

Whether you have a diamond ring or a collection of old jewelry, there are a number of ways to sell your diamond for cash. There are pawnbrokers, consignment shops, and online diamond buyers to choose from. To find the best place to sell your diamond, you can read on to find out what your options are. The most popular methods of selling diamonds are discussed below. There are also some disadvantages to selling your diamond through these methods, however.


If you want to sell your diamond jewelry for cash, you have two choices. You can either sell it to the jewelry industry or to the general public. The choice of which method you choose is largely based on the price you are willing to pay, how fast you can settle the transaction, and your stomach for marketing and negotiation. Here are some tips for choosing the right method for you. Read on to find out how to sell your diamond jewelry for cash.

When reselling your diamond, you must have a recent evaluation of its value and details of its condition. You can obtain the report from a recognized gemological institute. You also need to compare the estimates of several buyers. You may want to start with two online buyers and one in-person buyer. Compare the prices and support offered by each buyer. If one is good enough, you can work with him or her.

Aside from using a consignment service, you can sell your diamond directly to the jeweler. This will yield a higher return because the jeweler doesn’t receive any money until the diamond sells. Another advantage of direct sales is that you get to pick a buyer directly, without the hassles of dealing with the jeweler. Remember to provide all the appraising documents and certificates before the direct sale.

When using consignment to sell diamond for cash, you can find the best buyer for your diamond online. Online sellers often provide faster and more convenient service than selling through a jewelry store. Choosing the right buyer is crucial, as a diamond can only be worth what someone is willing to pay for it at that moment. Therefore, it is a good idea to sell your diamond before it loses its value. You can also check the current market trend by visiting reputable diamond websites.

There are also many advantages of selling your diamond by consignment. Since you can choose a better price and make more money, you will have fewer hassles with security and marketing. But remember, you’ll still need to find a trustworthy jeweler who is willing to work with you. But consignment is an excellent way to sell your diamond for cash. Just keep in mind that you should carefully choose your jeweler and consider the amount of money you want to make.


The process of pawning a diamond is different from pawning jewelry. A pawnbroker will give you around 70 percent of the diamond’s value, depending on the situation. It is not a long-term solution, and it is only valid for short-term financial needs. In many cases, pawning a diamond will make it easier to meet small financial obligations. Here are some tips for dealing with a pawnbroker.

Make sure you read the fine print. Some pawn shops offer much less than you expect. If you want to receive the most cash for your diamond, it is best to avoid them. You may be able to sell your diamond in a different way. Some people prefer to sell their diamond engagement rings to other people, so it is important to get a higher value when pawn shopping. Pawnbrokers can check the authenticity of the diamond and make an offer. Diamonds never go out of style, and you can be sure people will always be looking for diamond jewelry and loose diamonds.

It’s important to understand that a pawnbroker’s offer is lower than the retail value of the diamond ring. While they won’t pay you as much as the original purchaser, they can still be a good option if you need money immediately. Moreover, a pawnbroker can be more likely to give you cash than a jeweler would. They can offer you five to seventy percent of the diamond’s original value.

When it comes to selling your diamond for cash, the amount a pawnbroker will pay you depends on the metals used in it. A diamond’s 4Cs rating can determine its value. If the diamond is worth more than $2,000, a pawnbroker can offer you the cash you need to buy something new. In addition to selling your diamond for cash, a pawnbroker can also accept power tools and guns.

A pawnbroker will also consider the amount of time you have to pay back the loan. Unless you’re willing to wait several months for the loan to be repaid, the pawnbroker will sell the item and make a profit from the sale. Depending on the state law, you can expect to pay around one or two months’ worth of money before you receive any money.

Online diamond buyer

If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to sell your diamonds for cash, an online company that specializes in purchasing diamond jewelry is a good option. Companies like iValue Lab offer secure payment through FedEx. They also provide full insurance to protect you against any unexpected losses. Once the process is complete, you’ll receive your cash within 24 hours. And the process itself is quick, with no fees or contracts to sign.

A reliable online diamond buyer will offer you a free quote and will clearly explain their commissions and fees. They may also be able to offer you a higher price than in-person diamond buyers. Because online buyers don’t have a storefront, they are able to adjust their prices more quickly than in-person jewelry buyers. Online diamond buyers don’t have to deal with overhead costs that in-person stores must pay, so they can offer you a higher price.

When selling diamonds for cash, you should keep in mind that you can expect a much higher price for your stone than if you sell it on the street. But remember that diamonds lose their value once purchased. The retail price is not the same as the resale price, so you should aim for an instant payout. When selling your diamond jewelry online, the speed at which you receive your payment should be one of your top priorities.

If you have a unique or antique diamond item, there is a good chance that its value is even higher than what you’re expecting. Pawn shops are notorious for offering extremely low prices, so they’re generally not the best choice if you’re trying to sell your diamond for cash. There are also places that pay in cash, but their offers tend to be much lower. Make sure to compare quotes and read their policies carefully.

You can use your diamond’s carat weight, shape, and color to determine its value. You can also get an estimate of its value by sending it to a professional diamond buyer, like Worthy. Worthy sends you an estimate of how much your diamond is worth based on current market prices and trends. It also offers an offer based on the grading report. However, the price quoted will vary based on the shape and carat weight.

Local jeweler

If you’re thinking of selling your diamond for cash, there are several options to choose from. Before selling it, make sure you know what its value is. There are many factors that affect the resale value of diamond jewelry, including its cut, clarity, and carat weight. You can also obtain diamond certification from a lab like the GIA. If you’re unsure of the value of your diamond, a reputable local jeweler can help you determine the exact value of your stone. There are also online diamond selling sites, such as BlueNile, that can help you sell your diamond for cash. These sites can help you sell your diamond for 30% of its retail value.

If you’re in a city that has no diamond exchange program, your local jeweler may operate like a cartel. This is because they know that their local market is relatively untapped and that they have a captive clientele. Instead of selling your diamond to a jeweler, try selling it directly to a buyer. You will get a better price for your diamond through direct sale, but you’ll save time and hassle by not dealing with the jeweler. You will need to show the appropriate appraisal documents and certificates to the buyer.

The process of buying and selling diamond jewelry is an important part of the jewelry industry. A jewelry store doesn’t just sell your diamond for its market value; it also sets its own price. It might have purchased it from a wholesaler, but the retail price of that diamond is about twenty percent higher. Therefore, the jewelry store will make a profit of about 25% if you sell your diamond. With these two factors in mind, you can make the most out of your diamond sale.

There are several ways to sell your diamond for cash in NYC. If you’re in the city, your local jeweler is probably the easiest option. However, it’s not the most lucrative option. Some local jewelers will offer you the highest price, so be careful. Online buyers may offer better prices, but you should always check their policies before selling your diamond. These options are best for you if you’re in New York City.

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