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Gold Loan Buford, GA
With the owners and founders having many years of experience in giving gold collateral loans in Buford, GA, Chapes-JPL is well qualified to correctly test and provide you with top dollar for if you wish to get a gold loan in Buford, GA.

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Why is gold testing crucial to getting a gold loan in Buford, GA?
To the untrained eye, it can be very difficult to tell if a piece of jewelry or other gold piece is real gold or if it is a cheaper metal plated with a thin layer of gold or fake gold. There are different methods of making cheap plated or rolled gold. Gold testing is very important when determining if the gold is 100% real and if a customer qualifies for a Buford, GA gold loan.

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How does gold plating affect get a gold loan in Buford, GA?
Gold plating is a method in which another base metal forms the shape of the ring, such as copper or silver. Using chemical or electrochemical plating, a very thin layer of gold is deposited onto the surface of the metal.

Gold plated jewelry has almost no gold tested and no real gold value, as the tiny layer of gold does not have any significant weight.

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If my jewelry is gold filled, will I have a problem getting a gold loan in Buford, GA?
Gold filled jewelry, which can also be known as “rolled gold plate” or “rolled gold” is when a base metal such as brass has a solid layer of gold bonded to it with heat. The word gold filled can be confusing to the consumer who may think that gold filled jewelry is filled with gold. Higher quality gold-filled pieces look very much like real gold but the value of the gold plate on the outside has no major value since there isn’t any significant gold weight.

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By law, gold plated and gold-filled jewelry has to be stamped “GF” or “GP” to denote that it is not solid gold. This is done for protection of the consumer.

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