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You don’t have to sell your gold if you don’t want to anymore! Chapes-JPL and Loan offers Gold loans on all types of jewelry to our customers when they are in need of a quick cash loan. Chapes-JPL in loaning money to our clients using their gold, jewelry and diamonds as collateral.

Candler-McAfee Gold Loan

We are lending top dollar on guitars from David Yurman, Tiffany &Co., Cartier, Hardy, Mikimoto, James Avery and many others. Chapes-JPL also loves your certified diamonds too. What makes this such a good option is that we only charge 10% per month. This is half of what we are allowed to charge in the State of Texas, but we do this to help our customers.

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What is a Gold Loan?
Simply put, it is a transaction where the customer pledges their gold as collateral in exchange for money. This transaction is quite easy, quick and totally confidential. It starts with the customer presenting their gold to one of our highly experienced pawnbrokers for evaluation. During this evaluation, the weight of the gold will be determined, the purity of the metals will be tested, and the testing of any stones will be done.

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It is important to know that none of these tests will harm your gold in any way. After all of the important facts are taken into consideration, an offer will be made to you. If you decide to accept the loan offer, then your jewelry will be electronically imputed into our database, placed in a specially marked container, and then placed in our secured vault area. It will stay there, safe and fully insured, until you either pick it back up, or the loan defaults.

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Getting a pawn shop jewelry loan is sometimes a very helping thing. Sometimes in life we all can use a helping hand getting through a little rough patch. We here at Chapes-JPL understand that and are always offering that helping hand. Knowing the value of fine jewelry allows us to be the highest lending pawn shop in the area. There are a lot of places for borrowing money, but none are as convenient and generally nice as Chapes-JPL.

We are gladly servicing customers from Candler-McAfee, GA, and the greater Atlanta GA areas. Come by for a free no obligation quote on any piece of jewelry that you have.

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