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Need cash? We’ll loan you want you need. These days it’s tough to get a loan at a bank or anywhere else. At Chapes-JPL, Loan it’s easy. Bring in your gold, silver, sterling, jewelry, diamonds, watches, coins, antiques, higher-end collectibles, musical instruments, electronics, and tools, and we’ll loan against them with no credit checks. $100’s to $1000’s in loans against your valuables. — Up to 50% more when you sell us your gold!

DeKalb County Gold Loan

How It Works
We do Gold Loans
Asset-Backed Loans (collateral loans against valuable items)
Quick & Easy process – No credit checks
Safe, clean, and friendly – Private entrance available
Located in the safe, DeKalb County, GA – not center city!

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On a $100 gold loan you would owe $113 at the end of 4 months.
3% interest per month (based on 30 days) / 36% APR
$1 Filing fee
Written as a 4-month loan with a 4-month grace period
You are only charged interest for the amount of time you have your loan
You would lose ownership of your item(s) if the total amount you owe were to
reach 125% of the original loan amount (a $100 loan would be $125)

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What We Loan Against
Gold / Silver / Sterling / Jewelry / Diamonds / Watches / Coins
Loanable items are of higher value, either by themselves, or in groups. This means the Fair Market Value of items should be $250 and higher.

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We do not loan against electronics (unless high-end vintage), appliances.
PA State maximum 3% per month / $1 filing fee
4 months loan term
$100 loan minimum
Loans are based on what you need, and the value of your loanable item (asset).
We abide by:
US Patriot Act / Military Lending Act Truth-in-Lending Act requiring reporting of certain cash transactions.
We are the best place to sell or loan gold and silver!

We are the best gold and silver dealer, buyer around!

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