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With gold at a record high, now could be the perfect time to sell or loan against all your unwanted gold: scrap gold, antique jewelry, gold bullion, and old estate items. Get cash for gold jewelry that you no longer wear yourself to help alleviate these tough economic times. Trust the pros to appraise your gold and other jewelry items for you so that you can receive the most money for them possible. When you know you are getting the most for your investment for this recession and financial state, you will feel happier and better about the way things are going for you.

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If you have gold or jewelry that you no longer wear, or that you’ve broken into a few years ago, you may want to sell it before you figure out its worth. You might also want to sell some of your unwanted coins as well. The value of coins is in direct relation to their weight, gold content and true marketplace value. The older they are, the more valuable they will be, as some coins are more rare, but not all – that’s why they need to be appraised objectively. Be sure to research the value of old coins before you decide to sell or loan against collateral assets.

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There are many places you can find gold or silver jewelry that’s been broken or stolen. Your local merchant might not have these jewelry items but he will probably have other gold jewelry items to sell. He will contact you about your best options and give you the details. Some local merchants will buy your gold jewelry and store it for you until it sells, or you may have a bank account with the merchant that you can withdraw your gold from and have the items directly deposited into your bank account.

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Gold scrap is another option for cash for gold. Gold scrap is used in dentistry, electronics, plumbing, plating, and gold refining. Scrap gold can be purchased at local refineries and gold scrap dealers. If you are interested in selling gold scrap, you will need to obtain a gold buyer first. We are always looking for real gold for cash, whether broken, or unwanted jewelry.

The process of getting your gold back is easy. Simply get your lump sum cash advance fast and immediately. Then once the principal + fair rate interest is paid, you receive your item back. It’s truly a great service for those who need to raise funds quickly for business expenses, mortgage, car, medical bills or simply groceries. We store your gold safely and securely Off-site in a facility constantly monitored.

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One of the advantages of selling gold or loaning against it is the advantage of locally owned in the Southeast, but more importantly a 5 star reputation of trust and fully licensed since 1980. Many times, you will have better luck selling gold or acquiring a cash advance loan on your gold through local pawn merchants because they understand the value of gold, versus a traditional bank which may or may not lend to you based on your credit score, versus your actual gold value assets.

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If you are interested in getting cash for gold today, you should consider selling unwanted jewelry. Selling your gold can get you the best value for your money. Make sure that you research all options before making a final choice. Cash for gold today is easier than ever.

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