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WHY SHOULD I take out a loan against, gold, silver or other precious metals and jewelry?

Chapes-JPL has been in business at the same nearby location since 1980. For over a quarter century we have treated our customers with the respect and dignity we would like to be treated with if we were the ones getting the loan. It is for this reason, over 95 percent of our customers are repeat customers. Many have been coming into our store since we first opened our doors in 1980. First-time customers are often amazed at the family-like atmosphere between us and our customers.

What is a Pawn Shop?
What do we do?
It’s simple!! We are here to accept your personal items as collateral. In return, we lend you money. Unlike the bank, there are no consequences to your credit if you choose not to redeem your property. When you pay back your loan, we return your merchandise to you. It is our desire that you have the ability to come back for your property. We’re on your side and we’re here for you. We lend on anything from gold to diamonds. If you choose not to redeem your property, the property is then sold to retail customers. The Pawn Industry is highly regulated and governed under federal law. We offer low interest rates and we specialize in short-term loans. Also, you will only pay interest on the actual amount of time you use the loan. If you don’t qualify for a loan at your bank or you want a shorter-term loan, come in and see what we’re all about. We’re here to serve you.

Who is our Customer?
Our Customers are people just like you and me. They have normal jobs from nurses to construction workers. They teach our kids and care for the sick. Everyone’s been there, we’ve all gone through hard times and had unforeseen struggles arise. Whether it be a trip to the ER or a car broken down, these situations can bring on bills that we didn’t expect. Unfortunately, your bank isn’t going to allow you to bring your watch or jewelry to them in exchange for a short-term loan that can help you pay your bills. That’s where we come in!! We can give you a short-term loan and help ease those stressful times. We are here for you when you need us. And when you’re back on your toes you can come in and pay the small fee and have your item back. Did you know that 80% of our customers come back to redeem their items? That may sound surprising but it’s true. We offer a service that banks cannot offer. We’re here when you need us.

Chapes- JPL provides instant cash loans for GOLD and PLATINUM jewelry. Highest prices are paid for fine estate jewelry. Unlike many other pawn shops, Chapes-JPL also loans money for scrap GOLD and PLATINUM jewelry. Turn your old broken rings, chains and bracelets into quick cash. We also provide instant cash loans on GOLD and PLATINUM coins and bullion.

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