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Do you need cash for gold now?
I earn cash for gold! If you bring your jewelry to Chapes-JPL.
At our Gold Loanpawnshop will be evaluated by an expert who will determine its value, according to its purity and weight.

Palmetto Gold Loan

On the other hand, is recommended that when buying gold jewelry, you know its authenticity so that in the future you can take advantage of it.

In Top Quality Chapes-JPL we give value to your garments, we offer you the best market price in gold. Because of that, here are some recommendations so you do not let yourself be fooled and know when a jewel is original…

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Do you have an emergency and need cash now?
In Chapes-JPL we give you cash for gold at the moment. After the review of our specialists, we proceed to give you the money corresponding to the value of your garments.

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In general, only an exception is made if the garment exceeds $ 1000 dollars, for more details, contact us!
Do you want to take advantage of those jewels that have been stored in your closet for years?
Therefore, it is time for you to take advantage of those pieces that you no longer use.

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Why keep accumulating? If you can get a good amount of money for them, and even with that money you can buy more modern jewelry or other things you need.
Do you have debts and need to get out of them?
In our pawnshop, we help you get out of debt, do not live fuller of worries.

Thus, if you have accounts to pay, bring all those pieces of gold you have that we will give you the best price for them, and best of all, we give you the money now!
We are in an affordable location, Palmetto GA.

In this way, we have easy access through one of the most important highways in the city. For more details you can call us! (404) 504-7021.

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