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However hard the times are, we all still strive to save for the rainy day. The very resourceful among us even manage to accumulate a tidy nest egg. But life does have the habit of springing nasty surprises on us and sometimes we are caught off guard and find ourselves ill-prepared to fulfill the financial demands with our savings. It is at these times, we, at Chapes-JPL and Gold Loan Company come to your aid.

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We are a Loan shop in Rest Haven with outlets also in State of Atlanta GA and we have been helping our community since 1980 with financial difficulties and rise above them.

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Welcome to Chapes-JPL and Loan Company. Our Loan shop offers cash for gold, diamonds, and other valuables. If you want to sell platinum jewelry, gold, diamond jewelry, or other valuables, we help customers in Rest Haven and the surrounding areas find an immediate solution for cash when they need it.

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Gold can provide a good source of extra money considering the current high gold prices. We evaluate your gold while you wait and offer cash for gold on the spot. In addition to gold, we offer cash loans on your gold and jewelry or buy diamonds, platinum, fine watches, tools, computer equipment, electronics, and many other items at our Loan shops.

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At Chapes-JPL and Gold Loan Company, we are much more than just gold buyers. In addition to cash for gold and other valuables, we offer a wide range of items for sale at affordable prices. We sell diamonds, platinum jewelry, electronics, computer equipment, musical instruments, camera equipment and more. You will find a large selection of quality products on our eBay store and our Loan shops.
Whether you are looking for Loan shops or gold buyers in Rest Haven or the surrounding areas, Chapes-JPL and Loan Company has five locations to meet your needs. Please browse our website to learn more about our company, the gold buying process, and give us a call at (404) 504-7021 for more information.
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Family owned and operated, Chapes-JPL & Loan Company has been serving our community since 1980.
If you need cash today, we provide instant cash loans against most items of value including gold, jewelry, power tools, electronics, musical equipment and most collectibles of value. No credit checks needed! Your valuable items will serve to secure the loan. Our friendly staff will quickly evaluate your items while you wait.

Our business is built on loyal customers who have been borrowing money when they need it most. With 5 locations to serve you we accept gold, silver, platinum, diamond jewelry, brand name watches, and most things of value.

Please feel free to contact us about anything you may have in the way of collateral. No loan is too small or too large, and most items can be appraised on the spot.

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