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Chapes-JPL Gold Loan Scottdale, GA
Chapes-JPL loan on almost anything including gold and diamond jewelry, watches. Simply present your item to one of our friendly customer service representatives for a loan appraisal and you’ll have a loan appraisal in minutes.

Scottdale Gold Loan

Chapes-JPL accept any valid state or government-issued photo ID, including a driver’s license, passport and military ID.

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The process typically takes about 10 minutes and all gold loans are funded in cash with no credit check and no hassles. And, paying us back is easy too.

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How Chapes-JPL Value Items
We use all the research tools we have at our disposal to determine an item’s value and get you the most money we can. This appraisal process for a loan item varies depending on the type of item—for example, jewelry is evaluated differently than a DVD player—but every appraisal is done with the intent of getting you the money you need.

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What It’s Worth
Authenticating Gold & Diamonds
When jewelry is the collateral for a loan, our professionally trained staff will authenticate the precious metal and diamonds that adorn the piece. We will always ask your permission to test your item before we begin the authentication process that includes a visual inspection using a jeweler’s loupe, weighing the item, sizing (determining carat weight) any diamonds and noting the cut/color/clarity of each—you may know this as the 4 Cs. In addition, we will test the metal using a special acid that determines the karat of gold. This process does not damage your jewelry. It is done to ensure a clean test so there are no false readings on your item that may detract from what we can loan you.

Safe and Secure
Your item is safely stored until you come back to pay your loan in full and claim your merchandise. When you give us an item of collateral for loan, we keep all accessories (remote controls, cables, etc.) with your item, and place it in our secure facility in an area designated by your loan number. Chapes-JPL is fully insured for the total loan value of the collateral we keep.

Our coworkers are professionals who are trained in all aspects of the pawn industry, including extensive education on the products we receive and sell. They are required to complete several continuing education courses each year, and attend additional educational courses each quarter as new products/services are implemented in our pawnshops. Chapes-JPL coworkers take pride in their work and it shows by the way they greet customers and confidently handle pawn transactions—they are professionals who are ready to help.

Chapes-JPL is routinely audited by an Internal Audit & Security Department, and works closely with local law enforcement officials.

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