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Diamonds are a symbol of luxury and wealth, which is why they’re a strong store of value, and can net you fast cash today. They’re also one of the most difficult types of jewelry to resell. Diamonds are so precious, rare, and so popular that people tend to avoid scams and tricky business dealings whenever possible, which is why you should deal with a reputable company such as Chapes-JPL since 1980. That said, when you want to sell diamond jewelry, you may be at a loss for how you go about doing it.

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One of the best places to sell diamond jewelry is to find a local or regional buyer. The most obvious place to look is in your local market. However, since the market value of loose diamonds is always fluctuating, you should ask around to see what you can receive, but know the amount today might drop tomorrow if action isn’t taken. In addition, you could run into a lot of competition from other sellers who also want to sell their loose diamonds, or broken jewelry. If you want to sell your diamond jewelry for the best possible price, the best place to look is online for reputable pawn shops and jewelers.

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If you want to sell diamonds but you don’t know where to find an interested buyer, there are other ways to do it besides going directly to a store. You can consider selling your loose diamonds online or through a store that sells wholesale jewelry, however you run a significantly greater risk of being scammed if you aren’t mailing/shipping to a very reputable person or business entity. The first thing you want to do is to look through online auctions to see what’s available and what price to gauge the retail value. You may want to take a look at eBay, Amazon or a store like eBay where many people sell broken diamond jewelry.

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If you really want to sell diamonds for cash, having a professional appraiser to evaluate the item is a good idea; be sure they do it in front of you and transparently so there are no sudden surprises – best of all, if you do not agree to the value, you can simply walk away, no harm no foul – many however love the fast cash and low interest loan they can receive when they pawn their diamonds or gold jewelry. They will be able to tell you how much the diamonds in your resale value collection are worth, as well as what market value they should be sold in. Having an appraisal done before you put the diamonds on the market will help protect you and help get your business started off on the right foot. It’s always a good idea to have a professional look at the diamonds you are selling so you know they’re worth something and that they will actually sell for the amount you want them to, versus hoping or guessing.

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When you are looking for a diamond buyer or someone who pawns loans with hard cash money, then call or visit Chapes-JPL. We are a trusted local and regional pawn shop and luxury loan company in the Southeast. You will be treated with dignity, respect, privacy and no pressure, with fast maximum amount of money right away.

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