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How to Sell Jewelry for Cash

Those who are looking to sell jewelry for cash have many options. Traditional pawn shops are great for earning fast cash. However, be aware that the items you sell will not bring you the full retail price. As such, you should choose a pawn shop that specializes in jewelry. However, it is still recommended to do a little research before selling your jewelry, both to make sure you will get the best return and to make sure that the pawn shop you choose is reputable.


You can sell your old jewelry with Circa, a website that offers cash for your antique, vintage and estate items. You can send the jewelry item to get evaluated and receive the offer within seven days. This service removes the middleman and provides you with a guaranteed offer price. However, it is important to note that the final offer price may differ from day to day. You can also walk away from an appraisal either in the store or via mail if you are not satisfied with the offer. This service also offers fully insured FedEx shipping for your items.

The website will pay you cash for your items and will take all types of jewelry, including branded pieces and vintage items. It also takes engagement rings with at least a carat. Circa will also buy estate and historical jewelry, and they will purchase pieces of different styles. In addition to buying your items, you can sell them on Etsy or on your own website. It’s worth noting that many online retailers will take a fee if you sell your vintage jewelry to them.

Circa, which was previously called Mondiamo, will assess your pieces and give you an offer for them. Worthy, on the other hand, does not buy your jewelry directly but serves as a marketplace to sell your antique and vintage pieces. As a result, you can sell your piece to a private buyer, a jeweler, or an auction site. This option is great for those who don’t want to part with their pieces.

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds sell jewelry for money, and they accept all types. Their appraisers will assess your jewelry and give you a fair trade-in value. Whether you have a broken engagement ring or an outdated necklace, you’ll find the right piece at Helzberg. If you’re looking to sell your jewelry for cash, you can do so with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Helzberg Diamonds sell jewelry for money program works by offering customers an opportunity to sell their unwanted jewelry without having to deal with a hefty commission. The company also guarantees to return the jewelry safely. The company will pay you a reasonable amount, and will even insure the package for $500. In case of a damaged piece, you can return it within two months and receive your money.

If you don’t want to part with your jewelry, Helzberg offers a unique customization option. Customers can choose their favorite gemstone and metal, as well as the style. Over one hundred thousand combinations are available. The company has been providing fine jewelry since 1891. It is now based in Texas, and is one of the nation’s top ten jewelry retailers. Its more than 100 locations across the midwest are also great places to sell jewelry for cash. It has a complete collection of luxury watches and bridal jewelry.

The experience is not the same at every Helzberg store. Read reviews of specific stores to get an idea of what to expect from your visit. While the prices are usually fair, the service is lacking in personality. You might not feel like the salespersons really care about what you’re buying. It’s best to check the website of the store you plan to visit before you make a purchase.

Helzberg Diamonds used to be a family business. After the first store opened in Kansas City, it was acquired by Warren Buffet. In 1995, Barnett Helzberg, Jr., sold the company and transferred ownership to Beryl Raff. Today, Helzberg Diamonds has hundreds of locations in the United States. You can find jewelry for cash by visiting a store near you, or you can sell your old jewelry online to get cash today.

If you’re looking for a more convenient way to sell your jewelry for cash, try trading it in for store credit instead. There are many online auction platforms for selling jewelry, and Helzberg Diamonds accepts your old pieces in exchange for store credit. It takes anywhere from one to two weeks for the process to complete. You will receive a check within a few weeks. You can even trade in your jewelry for store credit, so you can buy new pieces.

Abe Mor

If you have a piece of jewelry you no longer wear, but would like to sell it for cash, you may want to check out the Abe Mor website. The company was founded by Abe Mor, a man born during a period of unrest in Israel. At age 13, he began working on a bench polishing diamonds. This job has since taught him the art of diamond polishing, which has continued to fuel his love for diamonds.

The business began in the sixties, when Abe Mor moved to the US. His business has continued to grow since then, led by his son Eric. Its presence in New York City is substantial, and it has developed relationships with small jewelers and private customers over the past decade. Its mission is not traditional, but consumers benefit from a unique shopping experience. Visitors will gain insight into the world of the diamond industry and learn how to make a decision about purchasing a precious stone.

In addition to buying and selling diamonds, Abe Mor allows customers to trade-in their jewelry. This is not a common practice among vendors, but a few companies will buy your jewelry and send you the cash. Abe Mor offers fair prices and clear communication, removing the middleman. Some other online jewelry sellers may also offer better customer service and perks, including a lifetime exchange guarantee. But, in the end, the decision is up to you.

Abe Mor is a good choice for people who want to upgrade their diamonds to the next level. Diamonds are another specialty item on the website, and the company has a certified diamond section as well. Despite its lackluster images, the website has some good things to offer, such as the ability to customize diamond prices based on a customer’s preferences. Abe Mor’s service is also very competitive, and customers have reported incredible experiences.

The process of selling jewelry to Abe Mor involves shipping the item via FedEx to New York City. The team from Abe Mor was helpful throughout the entire process, including the return of insured overnight shipping materials and a check. The entire process was quick and easy, and Abe Mor’s team is courteous and communicative throughout. ABE MOR also sends their customers a shipping kit free of charge and insured, thereby reducing the risk of loss or theft.

The process of selling your jewelry to Abe Mor is easy and fast. They also offer free shipping labels and insurance up to a hundred thousand dollars. You can receive payment within 24 hours of your jewelry being listed on the website. Abe Mor is a great company, with over fifty years of experience in buying jewelry online. Its website has been optimized to be the easiest and most convenient buying experience, and offers the fastest service.

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