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We are local business people that felt like we should provide Jewelry Loan services for all people. Whether you need a $2.00 loan or loans up to $95000.00 we are here to help.
We will pawn anything of value EXCEPT YOUR MOTHER IN LAW!

Avondale Estates Jewelry Loan

We are new in the Jewelry loan Pawn shop business and want to put a new spin on the business. With our new Flagship Shop ( which is the largest showroom in Avondale Estates) we would like to invite you into our store to take a look and hope you find something you can’t live without. Or if you need to borrow money, come in and see us.

As always we will buy your gold, silver, and diamonds and give you a fair price – and yes – diamonds are worth loaning on. Other pawn shops state that diamonds don’t give value to a ring. We feel that they do.

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Come into Chapes-JPL and experience the Pawn World Difference!
Avondale Estates has long portrayed pawn shops as being dark, sleazy operations, just full of stolen property and shady characters. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are in fact, a combination ‘Lending Institution’ much the same as your bank, and discount retail/jewelry/tool store, only with the BEST prices in town.

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Our store is clean and well maintained, with large and varied inventories and is staffed by some of the finest pawn brokers in the state! Feel free to bring your entire family in to shop! We work very closely with law enforcement at all levels to ensure that the items that we take in is legally owned and offered – just ask our law enforcement customers.

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Chapes-JPL is a family-owned-and-operated pawn broker whose goal is providing excellent service, good terms, and quality products to our customers.

We offer a clean and professional environment to buy, sell or pawn almost anything of value.

We have a huge selection of quality pre-owned merchandise, including new and restored fine jewelry. If you need a cash loan, look no further. Contact us today. We provide quick and confidential loans with NO credit check!

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