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Finally, an upscale Jewelry Loan pawn shop in Dacula open since 1999. Chapes-JPL buyers has been Dacula’s most beautiful and trusted pawn shop. Think about Pawn Stars on steroids. The building is just as beautiful outside as it is inside.

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We jewelry loan in just about anything you can think of, just bring it in and get instant cash in your pocket. You will find our store to be highly secured as your valuables will be protected as if it were in Fort Knox. We have top of the line security and alarm systems. We have a walk-in vault with safes to protect your personal heirlooms and treasures. This is the only pawn store you can feel secure to do discrete high-end loans in our private VIP room.

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The Chapes-JPL staff is highly knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and excited to be of service whether you are just browsing our store, borrowing, shopping or need a valuable appraised. We have people who genuinely care and strive to meet your needs. You are not just a number to us, you are a person, and we are here for you. Our goal is to make you our customer and for you to make us your one stop shop.
What makes us different from the corporate pawn shops in Dacula is that we are a family owned and very flexible, we can go out of our way to help with your needs.

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Pawn Shop Loans
When you need cash quickly and don’t have time for a lengthy loan application process, a pawn shop loan from Chapes-JPL is the ideal solution.

The process of getting a loan from us is quite simple. You provide an item of value, such as gold, silver or diamond jewelry, as collateral in exchange for fast cash. Our pawn specialist will research the item’s value, taking into account such factors as age and condition, and then offer you a loan of a percentage of the item’s value. If you agree to the terms of the loan, you will sign documentation, provide us with the collateral, and receive the funds that you want to borrow.

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A pawn shop loan is meant to be a temporary loan. That means that you can come back and buy your item back if you don’t want to sell it to us permanently.

You will have to pay interest and perhaps a finance charge, but you can reclaim the item if you wish to reclaim it.

Generally, pawn loans last 30 days, and you may receive an additional 30 days if you can’t repay the advance the first time. After the 60 days are done, you can surrender the item to us, and we can sell it so that we can reclaim our funds.

Overall, a pawn shop loan can be a positive experience that provides you with quick cash along with an easy application process. Come by Chapes-JPL anytime you need a convenient cash loan to cover anything from emergency expenses to the monthly bills. We’re here to help!

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