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Use your jewelry for a loan near Norcross, GA

Over recent years, asset-based loans have grown in popularity while bank loans have maintained their rigorous processes and regulations. Getting on board early with the changing trends, Chapes-JPL was formed to offer unparalleled opportunities for those searching for a reliable lending company. Norcross in particular, has been a hotbed of growth for Chapes-JPL as industry growth has increased the need for quick cash and loans.

With an increasing number of clients, Chapes-JPL found the booming growth in Norcross to be accompanied by a void in the marketplace of asset-based lending. According to our Norcross clients, there is not only a lack of asset-based lending companies in the area, but knowledge of jewelry values and capital to back loans.

It is because this void Norcross has become Chapes-JPL focus market. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to fund loans and purchases from $ to $ in as few as 24 hours.

The new age of lending
Often when someone needs a loan they automatically think of a bank loan, with its lengthy procedures, mounds of paperwork and the dreaded credit checks. Not to mention the risks associated with putting up your home, vehicle, land, credit score and other necessities to secure a bank loan. By using jewelry as loan collateral, the risks aren’t as severe. Chapes-JPL bases the loan amount off the liquid wholesale value of jewelry, luxury watches and diamonds, so you don’t have to put any other assets on the line. Oh, and we don’t touch or even look at your credit score or work history. Your word is as good as your jewelry.

Chapes-JPL is a company created with the intent to allow customers access to their jewelry’s liquid value throughout the ownership of their pieces. Yes, you read that correctly, borrowers retain ownership of their jewelry, even when used as collateral.

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