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If you’ve ever been to a pawnshop or sold jewelry or gold to a local store, you know how easy it is to get cash for gold. It’s even easier when you have items of value, to get hard cash money without having to wait for a traditional bank loan. But how do you get cash for your jewelry? Gold rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces are typically the most valuable. It all starts with an appraisal.

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Most people, when they want to sell jewelry, settle on the spot price or give up on ever keeping or owning the item. They figure that if other people are selling a similar item at a similar price, then they can probably get their hands on a similar amount of cash. But wait! There’s more to spotting the best price, because interest rates and favorable terms can not only get you fast money today, but also allow you to keep your jewelry or gold items long term. A true win-win.

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First of all, there are two types of precious metals in use for jewelry-gold and silver coins. The highest cash for jewelry are fine luxury watches and/or gold and diamond pieces. Platinum and silver can also be very valuable given its intrinsic value. Both are easy to sell or loan against, but you need cash quickly. So, how do you go about this?

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The first place to look is online pawnshops, but the most respected and trusted will be a local or regional pawn shop. Look for a clear deal in writing. This will tell you that the business is serious about purchasing or lending against your jewelry assets. Also make sure the deal is understood and closed on without lingering. That way you won’t have to hold your breath while waiting to hear back if you decide to accept their cash offer and interest terms.

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Another place to check is a local gold buyers’ market or jewelers. Here you’ll find buyers who are interested in purchasing or loaning against your assets. You’ll have to approach the right buyers, so it’s best to go to an experienced vendor. The great thing about someone local is they have a reputation of trust, versus random people on Craigslist or eBay which can result in scams, theft or worse.

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Finally, the final step is to actually visit a local pawnshop or jewelry store. It’s much much easier to do a deal right then and there if you have the items on your person (jewelry, gold, rings, watches, etc), and walk out with fast cash. Do not delay, call Chapes-JPL or visit our store as one of the top Southeast pawn shops for over 40 years.

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