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Short on money? Short on payroll? Come see us!
We also loan on Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Semi trucks, Campers, Dump trucks, Heavy Equipment, Boats, Horse trailers, RV’s , jewelry loan and MORE
If your item has the value, we’ll loan the money!

Pine Lake Jewelry Loan

A Jewelry Loan is a collateralized loan. No credit checks, no questions, no hassle. All you need is a photo ID. Late on a bill or just need cash? Its quick money when you need it—and WHY you need it doesn’t matter. Your business is your business. NOTE: We are not a junk store. Items must have some value and be in working order.

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Selling is another option. If you don’t intend to come back for your item, then it is better to sell it rather than pawn it. Letting your pawns expire is like a “bad credit report” for pawn shops and they won’t loan you as much next time.

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Trading your items is an alternative. We love to wheel and deal! Bring in what you have to trade, find something new or different, and let’s make a deal.

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Buying is an option for everyone.

Whether it’s a unique piece of jewelry, a gun, a tool, or something else you need or want, you will find the unusual and exciting at Chapes-JPL.

Pawn shops are state-regulated. Loans are for one month with a 30-day grace period. In other words, you have 60 days to come in and RENEW your pawn by paying the interest due or redeeming your pawned item in full. If you do not make an interest payment within 60 days, you lose your pawn. The shop did not take it — you lost it. By staying current and paying your interest on time, you establish credibility with the shop and they are more likely to loan you maximum amounts when you need it.

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