Jewelry Loans in Smyrna

Get More & Pay Less at Chapes-JPL.

Jewelry Pawn Shop

Smyrna, Georgia

Chapes-JPL is the leading gold, silver, platinum, diamond, watch, and luxury loan collateral lender for Smyrna, Georgia. Need Quick Cash? Give us a call.

Get a Temporary Loan. Pawn your item and receive a cash loan on the spot. No credit check required. Perfect for new business owners who cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan. $ minimum.

Our lenders and buyers are experienced jewelry dealers, diamond cutters, and GIA Graduate gemologists. Unlike many jewelry or estate buyers, Chapes-JPL buyers and lenders are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of their field. They have a combined 40 years of experience in buying and selling jewelry. Our team’s experience and dedication to providing expert appraisals guarantees you receive the best information, interest rate, and cash in hand.

Our lenders look not just at the weight of your item or its carat weight, but at the setting, the clarity, and the potential to be re-purposed into an even more beautiful piece of jewelry. They see the intricate details of each piece and can therefore provide a thorough appraisal and a fair cash offer.

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