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Sell Jewelry for Cash to a Jewelry Buyer

If you have jewelry that you no longer wear or that is sentimental, you can sell it for cash to a jewelry buyer. These sites will buy your jewelry for up to 95% of its value. You can also sell jewelry for sentimental reasons and use the cash to help you in a time of need. Abe Mor offers up to 95% of the value of your gold. Other options include 1stdibs, Helzberg Diamonds, and Ruby Lane.

Abe Mor offers up to 95% of the value of gold

In addition to paying a fair price for your scrap gold, Abe Mor will also give you cash for your diamonds. You can sell your diamonds to them through their website or by visiting their physical location. If you have a large collection of diamonds, you can also sell your scrap gold to Abe Mor. Unlike many online gold buyers, Abe Mor will offer you a good price for your scrap gold, whether it is bullion, coins, or bars. They will also pay you for scrap gold, including broken jewelry with diamonds.

Online gold buyers usually offer better prices for their products because they are able to maintain lower margins. This means that you will receive a higher price than you would from a traditional brick and mortar store. To make things easier for you, Abe Mor has a contact form for you to fill out. They will give you an estimated price and pay you the same day, either by overnight check or wire transfer.

Online buyers also offer higher prices than pawn shops. You can sell your jewelry at Abe Mor for up to 95% of its value. They pay cash for gold jewelry, and they also offer free shipping and insurance. They also buy gold bars and coins. Abe Mor is a great place to sell gold jewelry because of their ease of use and privacy. When you sell your gold jewelry online, you’ll get the best price for your pieces and avoid the hassle of dealing with a pawn shop.

When selling your diamonds online, you should consider the price of the metal and whether you can afford the repair costs. The best places to sell gold jewelry are dealers or private buyers. You can even find a buyer who will pay you 95% of the melt value. Abe Mor offers up to 95% of the value of your gold jewelry online. It’s also possible to sell gold jewelry through online auction sites.


The 1stdibs website is a global marketplace for high-end, curated jewelry. It is made for buyers in 50+ countries and boasts over 500,000 products. Originally a website for the interior design trade, 1stdibs has expanded to serve a variety of customers including jewelry lovers, collectors, and designers. One of the best things about the site is that it is free to use and offers buyers a convenient way to view the items they are interested in.

Whether you are interested in selling a piece of jewelry for cash on 1stdiBs is entirely up to you. The process to sell your jewelry to a reputable buyer starts with a simple application. 1stdibs’ highly-regarded reputation is a key factor in drawing high-end buyers to its site. As a seller, you will have to submit a detailed description of the item you wish to sell. Listing prices are based on various factors including the item’s original price, rarity, market value, and other offers from other sellers.

The best part about selling your jewelry on 1stDibs is that you can send it without incurring shipping charges. You can even send broken jewelry without any extra shipping costs. You should be aware that a buyer may not be able to receive a full price because of the condition of the piece. Listed items will be paid for as soon as a buyer makes a bid.

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds sell jewelry for money, and they offer a number of ways for you to dispose of your old or unwanted pieces. You can find gift options ranging from classic and timeless to the latest and greatest designs. You can even find an heirloom piece that will add a touch of class to your collection. You don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing the piece, either.

Helzberg Diamonds offers a 30-day return policy. All you have to do is mail back the item in the same condition that you received it in and include your receipt. If you can’t pay the full price immediately, you can use the Layaway Plan. This option requires only a 10% deposit and is available only in the stores. Using this plan, you can lock in the price of an engagement ring while paying for it over the course of one to ten months. You can choose the monthly payment amount you’re comfortable with.

The Helzberg Diamonds company has been in business for over a century. It was founded in 1915 by Morris Helzberg, who was only 14 years old at the time. Barnett Helzberg took over the store in the 1920s, and with the help of newspaper advertisements, the business grew to three locations in Missouri. The company continued to grow and expanded, eventually having more than 100 stores in 22 states. They also launched an e-commerce site. By the 1990s, they had over 100 locations in 22 states. In 1995, the company was bought by Berkshire Hathaway, and the name Helzberg Diamonds remains unchanged.

Although Helzberg Diamonds sell jewelry for money, the prices for diamonds and other gemstones are highly competitive, as most retailers mark up the items they sell. The average retail price of a diamond is twenty to twenty percent higher than its original value. Additionally, the presence of a gem will affect the value of the piece. By the time you find the perfect price, you can sell your jewelry for cash.

Ruby Lane

There are a few reasons why Ruby Lane sells jewelry for cash. For one, it accepts a wide variety of items, including antiques and vintage pieces. For another, its commission rates are much lower than those of other selling platforms. Plus, its hands-off process makes it a desirable option for those who are looking to sell a large amount of jewelry. If you’d like to cash in on a smaller amount of jewelry, you can also try Cash For Diamonds USA, a sister site to Ruby Lane that accepts diamonds instead of gold.

The company has been in business for nine years and partnered with major collector shows, including Covid. While it doesn’t have an app, its support team has been very helpful and responsive, and the company has not interfered with sellers’ payment options. In fact, it has been rated one of the best online marketplaces in our annual Sellers Choice awards. We have reviewed the service to find out what its users think.

However, Ruby Lane does have some drawbacks. Its commission structure is less attractive than that of other venues. Plus, listing fees are charged irrespective of whether or not an item sells. Also, the company has strict rules about what it accepts, so it’s not competitive with artisan-made or low-cost items from other countries. Nevertheless, the company’s customer support team is excellent, so if you’re considering selling on Ruby Lane, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Another downside to Ruby Lane’s fee structure is that it is not free. For example, it charges a minimum listing fee of $54 a month, and then charges 6.7% commission on every item sold. While these fees may seem steep, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. There’s no guarantee that a buyer will purchase the jewelry that you’re selling, so you’re better off keeping your costs low.

The first step is to register your shop on Ruby Lane. The registration process requires the name and address of your new shop. Once you have been approved, you’ll be given a $300 credit. After 90 days, you’ll have earned more than enough money to invest in jewelry. You can also sell vintage items and unique pieces. Besides making cash, selling items on Ruby Lane is easy, and the process is simple.

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