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Chapes-JPL serves two locations in Braselton. We are the largest Pawn Loan Shop in Braselton with two showrooms with over 8,000 sq ft. of new and unclaimed items. Our team of 15 Pawn Specialists have decades of experience in the Pawn Industry and will provide you with the best advice, products and customer service.

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Unlike other places that take advantage of your financial situation, we take pride in knowing that we can help all of our customers in their time of need.

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Chapes-JPL carries all types of products. From top brand electronics, great deals in jewelry, to top of the line power-tools and musical instruments – Chapes-JPL has what you need.

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Chapes-JPL associates offer top dollar on gold and jewelry! Feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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It’s normal for someone to not know what a “Quick Cash Loan” is. A pawn loan is the type of loan that is made by a pawn shop based on collateral that you bring to them. Some pawn shops ask for a specific value amount, but we don’t do that. We enjoy your business!

Anyway, pawn shops will hold onto those items until you are able to come back and repay the loan, plus any interest of storage charges that have accrued on the loan.

Once your loan is paid off, the pawn shop will give you back your item(s) just like you left them.

These pawn loans are one of the most affordable forms of short term financing for most people and just about anyone can get a pawn loan.

You see, pawn loans aren’t based on your credit score or how much money you have in the bank. They are based instead purely on the item(s) that you bring into a pawn shop to make the loan against.
Ultimate, pawn loans are one of the very few forms of financing that let normal people borrow small sums of cash, immediately. They are safe, secure and best of all, private!

How Much Do Quick Cash Pawn Loans Cost?
Pawn loans are often considered one of the most affordable means of short term financing accessible to the general public.The fees associated with pawn loans are often much cheaper than payday loans for example. If you’re interested, we are more than happy to chat with you about our loan options.

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