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Whether you are an avid collector, looking to make some extra money, or simply want to clean out some of your old belongings, CHAPES-JPL offers fast cash with Doraville’s best rates. With a vast selection of unique jewelry exchange, diamond exchange, and discount watches, this pawn loan shop has provided Doraville residents with an unparalleled scope of options since 1988. They are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau® (BBB)!

Doraville Pawn Loan

This spectacular pawn loan shop understands that most people live on a strict budget, especially when it comes to the latest technology. At Chapes-JPL, you get the latest laptop computers, tablets, games, and even computer parts at the lowest pawn shop prices. You’ll find everything you need to stay on top of the latest gadgets and the best rate for old electronics. Additionally, customers can find a wide selection of jewelry and jewelry exchange for the best prices. Stop in to sell gold, diamonds, or watches, or exchange your old and worn jewelry for the diverse selection of quality jewelry at this pawn shop.

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Find that specific item to complete your unique collection at Chapes-JPL. As Doraville’s leading pawn shop, you can exchange everything from gold and jewelry for discount watches, musical instruments, and other memorabilia. Stop in or call us to find something new for your collection today!

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More for Your Valuables
With more than 40 years of experience in business, our owner started Chapes-JPL to respond to the need for honest, quality pawnbrokers who pay top dollar for valuables. Our full-service shop is licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. Come to us for competitive prices. You receive more from us than you would from our competitors, and you pay less for the jewelry and collectibles you purchase.

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The Pawn Process
Bring your assets as collateral and get short-term loans at Chapes-JPL.

We provide you with short-term 30-day loans when you turn over an item of value to us. Receive instant loans if the collateral checks out for the value of the asset.

Come to us with your jewelry and collectibles. We don’t require a credit check, but we do need to see a valid driver’s license or a valid passport.
Loans are offered on terms of 30 days and may be extended monthly as long as the interest has been paid.
When the principal loan and interest are paid in full, your collateral will be returned.
Buying & Selling Jewelry
Our pawn shop buys all types of jewelry that are worth the money, especially gold, silver, and platinum. We give you the highest prices for your unwanted and antique pieces of jewelry. Our shop also buys and sells coins for the best prices around.
Buying & Selling Collectibles
Bring in your collectibles for us to evaluate. After researching the item or seeking the input of an expert, our shop establishes the value of the item and pays you what it’s worth.
Safe Pawning in Doraville
BEWARE: Buy Back Programs ARE NOT Pawns
Remember: A true, legal pawnbroker is licensed by the state and the interest rates, which are applied to your personal loan, are state regulated. DO NOT be fooled by other shops that say they will offer a “buyback.” These shops are not official pawnbrokers; they are doing something illegal and unlawful. They charge an extremely high percentage for you to get your item back.

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