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Chapes-JPL, often referred to as “Old Reliable, “has been a staple on East Point’s famed Jewelers’ Row since 1860. Best known for providing Pawn loan the community with low-interest collateral loans on watches and other fine jewelry, Chapes-JPL is also known for its unmatched selection of stunning diamond, gold jewelry, and high-end watches, which are sold at up to half the regular retail price!

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Currently in its 159th year of operation, Chapes-JPL continues to thrive as the fourth oldest operational business in East Point. Having only been owned by two families since its inception, Chapes-JPL exemplifies a traditional family-run business in pawn loan

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An integral part of Chapes-JPL’s success is our “determination, innovation, and unmatched customer service,” Continuously praised by the residents of their community, Chapes-JPL continues to be celebrated by city and state officials with a number of proclamations and citations to commemorate their continuous quality services.

With great pride and pleasure, we welcome you to Chapes-JPL.

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How Does It Work?
Bring your jewelry to us for an on-the-spot appraisal. We then offer you a loan ranging from 25% to 50% of the jewelry’s resale value.

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How Long Do We Hold It?
Unlike any other pawn broker in the city, we issue you a ticket that is valid for six months. You are also granted a 90-day grace period after the six months, in accordance with East Point Department of Banking regulations, giving you a total of nine months to either pay off the loan or pay the charges due, which will give you a new loan.

How Much Is the Interest?
We charge the lowest amount allowable by law. Again, we are regulated by the East Point Department of Banking, so the interest is set at only 3% per month. You only pay for the months that your jewelry is here. For instance, if you borrowed $1,000 and came back to get your jewelry in one month, the interest would only be $30. Where else can you borrow $1,000 for $30?
You owe no interest until you take it out or the six-month term ends. Keep it here for one day or 10 years. The choice is yours.

What Happens to the Jewelry People Do Not Come Back For?
Contrary to popular belief, less than 5% of our customers do not come back to retrieve their items. That 5%, however, supplies us with one of the most beautiful displays of jewelry for sale found anywhere in the city. More importantly, because our costs are so much less than our competitors, you can find bargains galore on beautiful rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more at up to half the price of a regular retail jewelry store.
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