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Pawn Loan Lawrenceville, GA

Chapes-JPL – Your First Choice for Pawn Loans, Quick Cash, No Bank or Credit Check Necessary.
Welcome to Chapes-JPL! We are not your average pawn shop lender. For over 40 years, Chapes-JPL is family-owned, community-oriented, spacious, safe and secure. We are here to loan you money on your valuables and help you do everything you can to reclaim them. Lawrenceville is our nearby neighbors and we are very popular in therms of loaning the appropriate amount to help you out but still ensure that you can afford to reclaim your items. Low interest rates as well. If you live in Lawrenceville, we want to be your family’s first choice for paw loans and fast cash.

What Sets Us Apart
First, we are a highly secure shop, with 16 offsite-monitored surveillance cameras. Your pawned items will be safe with us until you are ready to retrieve them. Second, we have lots and lots of space! Our office is secure.

Come Check Us Out!
We loan money on specific items of value, from jewelry to diamonds, cars to hand bags to watches. If you Come see how pawnshops loans are supposed to be run: A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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