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Chapes-JPL has been providing quality items and collateral loans to the North Decatur community. With 65+ years of experience, Chapes-JPL is a multi-generation family-owned and operated business in Pawn loan. What began as a custom jewelry and repair shop has expanded into a full feature pawn business more than 15 years ago.

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A Variety of Valuable Items
We carry pawn loan ,engagement rings, gold chains, diamonds, designer handbags, designer sunglasses, guns, coins and bullion, premium electronics, TV, video game consoles, musical instruments, fine watches, estate jewelry, Silver and Native American Jewelry designer shoes – all in our newly renovated showroom.

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How It Works
Need cash today? You can choose between a pawn loan and selling your valuables outright. Simply visit Chapes-JPL, and our professionals will help determine what is best for you to meet your financial needs. A pawn loan works when you provide us with valuables that we hold as collateral, and we give you cash on the spot. There is no credit check required! All we need is your driver’s license and signature.

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The term for the loan is 90 days. You are always welcome to pick up your valuables before the 90 days or extend the loan by paying the interest and finance charges. You can extend the loan as often as you would like and there is no limit to the number of loans you have with Chapes-JPL.

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What valuables can be held as collateral? We take in anything from jewelry to musical instruments to electronics.
Steps to Obtain a Loan for Your Valuables:
1 Bring your item and a valid driver’s license to Chapes-JPL.
2 One of our professionals examines your valuables and discusses your financial needs.
3 We provide you with money on the spot and hold on to your item in a secure location.
4 After 90-days you can return to pick up your item and pay back the loan and charges OR you can extend your loan.
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We do not have any hidden fees. We offer top dollar.
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