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Have an item of value? Need some short term cash?
Bring your item or firearm into your local Chapes-JPL, Pawn Loan let us take a look and assess its value.
If the condition and value make sense, we will offer you a cash loan based on a percentage of the value. If you wish, you can then leave your item in our safe care as collateral for your loan.
Keep up to date on your loans through our APP for your smartphone, Android, or iOS device!
When you are ready, stop back into the shop with your loan ticket and i.d., your repayment for your loan and you take your item back home with you!!

Scottdale Pawn Loan

It really is THAT easy folks! Stop in and see us today!
With many pawn shops in Scottdale, you have a lot of choices on where to buy, sell or pawn your valuables for cash. But how do you know when you’re getting the most for your item? Customers want to know how much they can get for their valuable items, not what other customers have received in the past. That’s why we here at Chapes-JPL Pawn loan take every individual customer through a one-on-one process and evaluation of their tools, or watches, or game systems, gold & silver jewelry or bullion, and guns.

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We share the same goals as our customers in being able to offer a market leading cash payout. Chapes-JPL’s professional Scottsdale pawn staff and management will also discuss with each and every client how much money can be loaned in a pawn loan or given for selling a valuable item in Scottdale.

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At Chapes-JPL, we don’t believe in rushing through the process of pawn loans or payouts for purchases. We know that these very personal treasures can have an emotional connotation with our customers. We feel it’s important for pawn customers to be given the respect and time to determine how to get a true market leading payout. We have completed over 1,000,000 pawn loans over the past 30 years and have continued to lead the Valley pawn industry with cash payouts.

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If you’re looking to buy a high quality product, each of our in-store products are verified inspected to be in working order.

Anything you buy from Chapes-JPL, from video game systems, to watches, to tools has unmatched affordable pricing.

You won’t be able to find the retail prices that we offer at our Chapes-JPL locations at any big-box stores, and the vast inventory and knowledgeable staff at our stores will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Chapes-JPL will PAWN or BUY anything of value and we have MILLIONS to loan! Need money now? We can help! Call us to set up an appointment with one of our Chapes-JPL trained pawn professionals, or visit one of our shop locations to see how much your valuable item is worth.
If you are looking to buy or sell gold, jewels, tools or other valuables in Scottdale, Chapes-JPL has Pawn Shops throughout the Scottdale GA.

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