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Located in the heart of Suwanee, Chapes-JPL Pawn Loan has been one of the most reliable financial institutions in Suwanee since 1976.

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As a family owned and operated business, Chapes-JPL has served the local community with the utmost customer satisfaction. Chapes-JPL Pawn Loan is also recognized for its local, state, and national charitable contributions.

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Our certified staff is specialized in coins, paper money, collectibles, precious gems and metals, antiques, trains and more. Our staff of appraisers will give you the highest market value for your items and are available for consultation seven days a week.
Chapes-JPL has also been chosen by law firms and financial companies for numerous independent appraisals.

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Chapes-JPL is licensed and bonded to provide collateralized loans. These loans are written for a 61-240 day term with the option to renew. Early repayment is permitted with no prepayment penalty. We charge the PA state interest rate of a maximum 36% APR plus a $1.00 state filing fee. An example loan follows: Amount borrowed – $100, Loan term – 90 days, Interest charged – $3.00/month for 3 months = $9.00, Governme Pawn Loan fee – $1.00, Total due: $110

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Here at Chapes-JPL, we understand that everyone has different financial needs, so we make sure to offer a variety of loans and services to help customers get the cash they need quickly.

Whether it’s a pawn loan where customers give us an item of collateral for cash, or a auto finance loan to help them buy their next car, customers know they can count on Chapes-JPL to help them get the cash need fast.

We offer Pawn Loans, Auto Loans and Lawsuit Advances.
Loan Terms
Minimum and maximum period for repayment: 3 months with a 30 day grace period. You can always repay a loan early – meaning you only pay interest on the principal balance remaining, which reduces the total cost of interest on the loan.

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