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Chapes-JPL is an estate jewelry buyer for people who are interested in selling estate jewelry. Estate jewelry is defined as any jewelry that has been previously owned. However, it is widely used to describe any piece or pieces of jewelry of various styles that were manufactured many years ago. Estate jewelry can be split into two separate categories: antique jewelry and vintage jewelry.

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buy and sell jewelry in Auburn Many people own estate jewelry for years, then trade it or sell estate jewelry after it has appreciated in value.

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Many people commonly refer to estate jewelry as antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and period jewelry. Typically estate jewelry will not be accompanied by a receipt or any sort of authenticity papers as it can very well be over hundreds of years old. This makes it very important to bring your pieces to Scottsdale Loan so our well trained staff can correctly appraise and authenticate your jewelry, gold, and diamonds.

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Why sell estate jewelry to Chapes-JPL instead of other estate jewelry buyers?
Chapes-JPL has a very wide knowledge of the jewelry and diamond industries, with estate jewelry falling under the realm of the jewelry business. Our company will be happy to give you a fast and free appraisal on your estate jewelry.

Using our network of experts in the field, we will correctly value your estate jewelry and present you with an offer to either sell estate jewelry or receive on loan using it as collateral.

We are very confident that as estate jewelry buyers, we will offer an amount that you will be pleased with.

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What types of items are accepted when selling estate jewelry?
Chapes-JPL will buy or give a loan on any type of estate jewelry that has strong value including, but not limited to: diamonds, colored gemstones, watches, flatware, silverware, gold, silver and platinum, art nouveau, arts and crafts era, art deco jewelry, retro jewelry, costume jewelry and more.
We know many experts in the field of antique jewelry who know how to place a correct value on your pieces. Because of our network as estate jewelry buyers, we can correctly appraise and pay more for your estate jewelry.

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