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How to Sell Your Jewelry for Cash

There are several different ways to sell your jewelry for cash. You can either sell online or in-person, trade it in, or sell it to a friend. The best option is to sell it directly to a willing buyer. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, try pawn shops. Pawn shops are located in almost every city in the U.S., and they are often the best option for high-quality jewelry.


Selling your jewelry for cash online is a lucrative alternative to traditional pawn shops. Many reputable on-line jewelry dealers offer insurance for packages and clear terms and conditions. Before choosing a site to sell your jewelry, you should learn as much as you can about their policies and check with the Better Business Bureau. Choosing a category for your jewelry can be tricky, but if you carefully choose the right one, you’ll be glad you did.

A common misconception about selling your jewelry for cash online is that you have to pay high commissions. This is a myth: pawn shops pay the highest commissions for used jewelry. Even if you do charge a commission, most buyers will still pay you a decent price. If you are unsure of how much your jewelry is worth, consider taking it to a secondhand dealer. Typically, these dealers pay 90% or more of the value of the item.

If you are new to selling jewelry online, you can start with a free website or join a paid platform. Squarespace offers a variety of website templates, including professional-looking designs. You can integrate PayPal and FedEx and choose a payment plan that fits your budget. Once you’re up and running, you can adopt best practices to maximize your income. If you’re not sure how to sell jewelry online, there are plenty of sites that offer advice and help.

Local jewelers may be able to melt your jewelry if it is damaged or unrecognizable. Craigslist and yard sales are also options. Online jewelry buyers may also be interested in unique pieces. Online jewelry sellers can sell unique pieces of jewelry, while local retailers may offer lower offers. Similarly, local pawn shops may be good options if you need money fast. Pawnshops may not offer the highest return, and you’ll have to worry about the safety of your valuable jewelry.


The in-person selling of jewelry for cash is the best way to get the best price for your jewelry. You can choose to sell your jewelry to a local pawn shop or to a friend. However, selling jewelry to a friend can be risky as the friendship might be more important than the business. Luckily, pawn shops are in most towns and cities. Listed below are some tips on how to sell your jewelry for cash.

Consignment stores are an excellent place to sell your jewelry for cash. These companies buy all types of jewelry, including gold coins and bullion. This makes them an excellent alternative to pawn shops, but you should know that they may pay you less than you are actually worth. Furthermore, you should make sure that the consignment store you choose has a good reputation and has a high rate of return. Pawnshops also offer the fastest cash, but they do not offer much return, and they are not always a safe place for your valuable jewelry.

While national jewelry stores may not offer the highest price, you might get immediate cash in return for your gold. If you are selling a precious metal such as platinum, gold, or gemstones, it is advisable to visit local jewelers. Some jewelry stores offer higher prices than national chains, so you may want to do your research and find out the current market value for your precious stones. If you don’t find a local jewelry store that offers a good price, you may want to consider selling your jewelry to a local one.

Another way to sell your jewelry for cash is to consign it with a reputable auction house or gallery. Some online auction houses have dedicated websites for selling high-end jewelry. A better option would be an online auction house. Worthy is an A+ Better Business Bureau-rated company with thousands of vetted industry buyers. You may be surprised at how quickly your jewelry sells for cash. You can also try selling it in person.


Unlike pawn shops, jewelers who buy jewelry will give you more money toward your own jewelry than they would give to a pawn shop. These jewelers also have policies regarding trade-ups and returns. Regardless of your situation, you should have a figure in mind when deciding on a trade-in when selling jewelry for cash. Also, you should check with the original jeweler to see if the policy there is more generous. If the jewelry you sell is valuable, you should consider trading-in your piece of jewelry to a store that will pay you in a new one.

Another way to make money with your jewelry is to sell it to a store that buys estate and pre-owned jewelry. You can also sell your jewelry online. These stores reach a larger audience and avoid paying high commissions to jewelry buyers. In addition, you will be able to make more money by selling your jewelry online than through a local pawnshop. You can also take your time and explore your options. A timed sale will likely yield more money than a quick sale. The amount of time you need to sell your jewelry will depend on the marketability of your item, how much you’re willing to negotiate, and the type of item you’re selling.

Aside from online auctions, you can also try local jewelry stores. These businesses may give you the most money for your jewelry, but they may not be the best places to sell your items. In addition, the prices may be high or low depending on supply and demand in your area. You can also claim a tax write-off if you donate your jewelry. In addition to selling your jewelry online, you can also find a reputable charity to donate your old pieces. If you donate your jewelry, you can claim a tax write-off for its fair market value.

With friends

You can sell your jewelry for cash with friends, but it can be tricky. Many acquaintances assume you’re getting a good deal. If your jewelry is valuable, you should be able to get more than the jeweler’s price. Selling to friends is risky, and you may end up losing a lot of money. Online, selling your jewelry can be a simple process, but you might be stuck dealing with complicated processes and fees.

If you’re planning on selling your jewelry to a friend, try Craigslist. Although you don’t have to pay a fee to sell on Craigslist, you can meet in a public place. Bring a friend along to help you make the transaction. Always make sure you get the best value when selling jewelry. Get your jewelry appraised to make sure it’s worth the price you’re being offered.

With a local shop

While selling your gold to a pawn shop is easy, the price you get will likely be less than the value of your item. In this case, it’s better to visit a local jewelry store and get an estimate of how much it is worth. You can also sell your jewelry to a local jewelry store and get a higher price than you would from a pawn shop. But before selling your gold to a local store, you should consider the following steps to get the highest price.

First, find a local shop to sell your jewelry. These shops generally buy jewelry, and they are often willing to offer cash or store credit in return for it. However, they may not offer the best prices – the price you get can depend on the amount of demand in your area. Additionally, they may not be safe places to store your valuable jewelry, so be sure to choose a reputable shop. Once you’ve selected the type of shop, get ready to sell your jewelry!

Once you’ve sorted out the type of jewelry you’re selling, it’s time to get a quote. If you’re planning to sell your jewelry on a public website, make sure to follow a few safety precautions. Never meet with a buyer you’re not familiar with in your home. Always remember that your personal safety comes first. If you’re unsure of their honesty, meet them in a public area, such as at a bank. Visiting a bank will give you the security you need to feel confident about your transaction.

Another important factor to consider is the reputation of the store. Some jewelry buyers are shady and won’t take smaller pieces. Some of these businesses are run by people with questionable ethics, and so you should follow your gut instincts. Don’t send your jewelry to a stranger, and don’t forget to secure insurance. The price you receive should be higher than what the jewelry stores are willing to pay.

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