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How to Sell Jewelry for Cash

If you’ve got jewelry that you’d like to sell for cash, there are many different ways to do it. There are Consignment stores, Pawnshops, Online auctions, and even Helzberg Diamonds. But what’s the best way to sell jewelry for cash? The best price can be found by selling directly to a willing buyer. However, selling to a friend or family member can be risky. The friendship is more important than the business deal. If you’re not sure which option to choose, try a pawn shop. Pawn shops are located in nearly every city in the United States and will give you the best price for your jewelry.

Consignment shops

Consignment shops are an excellent way to resell your jewelry for cash. The jewelry sits for months before the right buyer comes along. Most consignment shops will not pay you anything up front, so you can rest easy knowing your items are in good hands. Consignment shops will take a percentage of your final sales as their commission. They will also pay you for the time it takes to stage your jewelry, display it correctly, and clean it.

Jewelry consignment shops usually pay a percentage of the sale price. This percentage can range from 20 to 50 percent, but it is usually around thirty to forty percent. This amount is usually low, and jewelry consignment stores compete with local jewelry stores for customers. While you can also sell your jewelry at a jewelry shop, it’s best to take a look at the pre-owned jewelry cases and see what you can find.

Jewelry consignment is an excellent way to promote your jewelry line. It’s often a more affordable way to break into the wholesale market than it is to sell your own jewelry. Because you’ll only be paid when the jewelry sells, there’s little risk for you as a vendor. Consignment stores also give you a bigger say in how your items are displayed. Therefore, you should make it a point to regularly visit these stores.


If you are thinking about selling your valuable jewelry, you can find a pawnshop that will pay you for it. Often, you can get anywhere from 25% to 60% of the retail value of your jewelry. A pawnbroker can also give you a better cash price for your stones if you have the proper documentation to prove it’s a genuine diamond. Pawn shops are a popular way to sell jewelry, but there are many benefits to selling instead of pawning your items.

Unlike traditional jewelers, pawn shops also offer the option to sell items outright. Although this can generate more profit for the owner of the shop, you may get pennies on the dollar. When making your decision, you will want to consider your jewelry’s worth, the resale value in your area, and the timeframe you need to receive payment. Pawnbrokers are often willing to pay pennies on the dollar if you are in a financial bind.

While many pawn shops offer the same amount of money for jewelry, you may want to try a pawnbroker in a different location to ensure that you get the most money. The business model of a pawnshop is to buy goods at low prices and resell them for a profit by collecting finance charges from buyers. However, many pawnbrokers do not have the knowledge or training to assess the value of your jewelry.

When choosing a pawnbroker, you need to consider the type of jewelry that they can quickly sell. Sterling silver and gold are usually the best choices. Diamond jewelry is the most commonly pawned item, and they are often the most valuable. Diamonds are universally popular and have a constant value. However, if you do not wish to sell your jewelry to a pawnbroker, you can clean it yourself with baking soda to restore its luster.

Online auctions

You can use online auctions to sell jewelry for cash, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a store. Online auctions offer you more flexibility than a brick-and-mortar store, and you can choose the buyer you want to work with. You can make a higher profit by selling your jewelry online, but you should be aware of several things before putting your jewelry up for sale.

The first step in selling your jewelry online is to choose a reputable website. eBay is the most common option, but there are other options available. Worthy is a site that allows sellers to set a “buy it now” price for their items. Facebook is another great option, which doesn’t charge you a fee. Be sure to check out the fees associated with selling on eBay before setting your “buy it now” price.

While eBay’s fee structure is reasonable compared to other sites, it is important to consider that fees can add up. Some sites charge additional fees for extra features on listings, such as the “Buy It Now” button, and you need to research each site’s policies before selling your jewelry. Some sites have free accounts and won’t charge you anything if you list less than $250. If you are selling a high-end item, it’s a good idea to use an online auction site.

If you have jewelry that’s in good condition, consider selling it through an auction website. Some online auction sites offer up to ninety percent of the value of your jewelry. The prices offered for your jewelry will vary, but they are guaranteed to be competitive. Some online auctions even offer free shipping if you sell your jewelry quickly. You’ll be surprised how much cash you can earn! And, you can even donate the proceeds to charity!

Helzberg Diamonds

The website Helzberg Diamonds sell jewelry for money accepts all types of jewelry. They have a professional appraiser on staff that will examine your jewelry and give you a fair trade-in value. You can get cash for your jewelry in two to four weeks after you purchase it. Customers can also get cash back for their old watches and other jewelry. You can also return your items within two months if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Helzberg Diamonds has been selling high-quality diamonds and other gemstones for over 100 years. They opened their first shop in Kansas in 1915 and quickly grew to 15 locations in the Midwest. In 1995, they were purchased by Berkshire Hathaway, and have been run by the Raff family since 2009. The jewelry company boasts over 200 locations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Helzberg Diamonds sell jewelry for the cash and sell other precious stones, including diamonds. The company also sells jewelry with other precious stones, including rubies and sapphires. Its diamonds are GIA certified, which is a huge plus. When purchasing diamonds from Helzberg, the customer can choose the cut, clarity, and color of the stone. Helzberg also offers a custom ring builder, which lets the customer choose the diamond quality and style.

Since the company has been around for over a century, Helzberg Diamonds has been making women happy. The original store was started by a gentleman named Morris Helzberg in Kansas City, Missouri. After his death, the business was taken over by his son. However, the company continues to sell jewelry for cash today. You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect buyer.


If you’re looking to sell jewelry for cash, you’ve probably heard of 1stdibs. It’s an online marketplace for rare and expensive items, and the jewelry section is particularly impressive. Over 72,000 listings showcase the finest in jewelry. The site is designed to cater to discerning buyers, and listings clearly indicate who created the piece. You can even see similar items listed by the same dealer, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Selling jewelry on 1stdibs provides you with an additional benefit: an independent party will make an offer for your item. In addition to the price range, you’ll get to avoid the cost of shipping and packaging. The buyer pays for your item only when they buy it. You can sell broken jewelry to CashForGoldUSA, though this service does require you to communicate with a customer to make sure your jewelry is in good condition.

1stdibs was founded in 2001 and quickly became a designer’s best friend. Founder Michael Bruno took his inspiration from the famous Paris Flea Market. The market is home to some of the world’s finest antiques and 20th century design. Bruno saw an opportunity to bring all of these resources together through the internet. As a result, 1stdibs enables discerning buyers and sellers to find unique and beautiful objects.

A number of prestigious sellers have opened their accounts with the site. One such seller is Tiffany, who sells diamond jewelry on 1stdibs for up to 70% of its original value. One of Tiffany’s most notable pieces was made in 1880. One of Tiffany’s most expensive diamond necklaces ever made was worth more than $1.6 million. Similarly, Tiffany & Co., Tiffany, and Cartier have all received millions of dollars from the jewelry on 1stdibs.

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