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Your jewelry buyer may be the most personal of all of your property. Some say the jewelry we own reflects directly on our souls. That’s why we feel it should be rare, valuable and bold.

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It should be jewelry buyer courageous, personal, sentimental, and beautiful. Yet we can all accumulate jewels that somehow fall short of those descriptions. And while we have those certain special pieces, we also have items that once spoke to us – but not anymore.

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The Cartier Panthère ring is nice, but a bit ostentatious. It’s the one everyone else wears. While some think the reason people sell their jewelry is because they need the money, at CHAPES-JPL we know that’s rarely true.

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Actually, most people come to us because they’ve reached the conclusion that holding on to things they never wear isn’t enriching. The reason they come is the same reason you should. Visit us because we can offer the price your jewelry’s been looking for.

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You can make an appointment to meet in person at any of our 12 private office locations worldwide.

On the day of your appointment, a CHAPES-JPL buyer will examine the jewelry you wish to sell. Each one of your pieces will be assessed separately, noting its history, condition and value. CHAPES-JPL will offer you our highest prices for the jewelry you wish to sell. If you accept, you’ll receive immediate payment.
CHAPES-JPL purchases all types of fine jewelry ranging from simple engagement rings to entire estates of rare vintage jewelry. Each of your pieces will be evaluated individually, noting the maker, materials, value, and history. You’ll receive a purchase offer on every piece you’d like to sell and immediate payment upon acceptance of our offer. Visit any of our locations throughout Johns Creek.

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