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We pay you the highest amount for your vintage and estate jewelry buyer in the Milton area. Come by our store or make an appointment by calling or using the form on this page.

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We want to buy your vintage and estate jewelry buyer<>, and we will pay you top dollar! We have an extensive client list of collectors who want and need the following vintage and estate items .Why should I sell my vintage and estate jewelry to Chapes-jpl?

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Chapes-JPL. Jewelers is the leading buyer of vintage and estate jewelry. Chapes-JPL. provides a truly liquid market for these types of previously owned valuables.

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Chapes-JPL. is one of the largest jewelry buyers in Milton and is trusted #1 in the Milton area. We offer instant payment when you are looking to liquidate in a time of need or change in lifestyle when your valuables are no longer needed.

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Our highly experienced staff includes Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologists, a Master Jeweler, skilled watchmakers,

a renowned horologist, and five experienced estate buying specialists. Simply put, we know what we are looking at, and we know what it is worth.
The knowledge of the intricate markets as well as correctly and confidently appraising your items allows us to pay you maximum value for your most treasured precious jewelry.
Our experts are trained by the Gemological Institute of America; we follow the Code of Ethics set forth by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and subscribe to policies and standards of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. Chapes-JPL. Jewelers are certified appraisers with detail to accuracy and exact evaluations pertaining to your appraisal situation.
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Paying you more for your vintage and estate jewelry
We are professional jewelry buyers, with a very large client base of collectors. Therefore, we can offer you more than the other “so-called buyers”. Everybody claims to be the best, but we back it up. As members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, our G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists are masters at appraising your items for precious metal content (gold, silver, platinum), quality of gems and diamonds (cut, color, clarity, carat), antique values, hallmarks of famous designers, condition, variety and rarity. We’ve been here a long time; a family-owned business, established in Milton.
When you sell your valuables to Chapes-jpl, you cut out the middlemen and sell directly to the owners, which nets you a higher payment. Many of the items we buy from the general public go directly into our estate jewelry collection, for sale to our own clients who want and need your valuables.

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