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Jewelry Buyer Rome, GA

Rome, GA Sell Jewelry

If you need fast cash, we’ll buy all your gold jewelry for top dollar.

– Cash on the Spot: We’ll offer you cash for your gold jewelry right away, and pay more than most pawn shops in Rome, Georgia.

– No Hassle Transactions: It’s easy to sell your jewelry with us. Just bring it by our store and walk out with money in your hands for unexpected expenses and bills such as medical bills, groceries, car payments, or rent.

– We Buy it All: Our customers bring us all types of gold jewelry, including diamond rings and necklaces, to sell for cash.

Chapes-JPL Sell Jewelry in Rome, GA

You’re in Good Company: With a large clientele base with diverse interests we have one thing in common; they trust our firm’s reputation as the best place to loan or sell their gold jewelry. See how easy this is? Sell your old, unwanted gold items today!

Sell Jewelry Rome, Georgia – Cash on the Spot!

If you need fast cash, we’ll buy all your gold jewelry for top dollar. No Hassle Transactions! Call now if interested at 404-504-7021 . Our customer service agents are standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have.

– All Types Accepted!: You can sell bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings – even custom designed pieces are welcome at Chapes-JPL.

Rome GA Cash for Jewelry

How much cash can I get for my gold jewelry ?

The prices for gold vary depending on the weight of your jewelry and who is buying it. We’ll assess the value, so you can rest assured that we won’t pay less than what’s fair.

Contact us today for a free appraisal.

Are there any other jewelry shops in the area ?

We’re one of the most trusted and fair jewelry buyers around! We have been operating since 1980, so we know how to get you top dollar. Call or come by now to sell gold jewelry, diamonds, watches and coins.

Sell Gold Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets near Rome, Georgia

How much time does it take?

It usually takes just a few minutes to complete your transaction once we receive your gold item(s). Most people only need about five – 15 minutes at our location before they receive their cash money. You won’t be stuck in line forever waiting on somebody else’s transaction like some other places that buy jewelry from you might do!

We Buy Jewelry TOP $CASH$ in Rome, GA

What types of jewelry does Chapes-JPL buy for cash?



-Necklaces, Engagement Rings, Watches

-Silver jewelry 

How Much Can I Sell My Jewelry for Cash in Rome, GA?

Please call us or stop by to find out what your items are worth and get a fast cash offer. We buy all types of gold! All rings must be solid 14k or above or 18k for diamonds. Anything from size 0 up is considered small. Call us at Chapes-JPL today to sell your unwanted jewelry in Rome, GA!

Things you can do with the money: Spend it on something new – such as a computer, TV, vacation; Put it towards bills like utilities, rent/mortgage payments; Save it for when an expense comes up like car repair.

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