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Sell Gold For Cash – What You Should Know

If you’re looking to Sell Gold for Cash, there are many ways to do so. Online gold buyers, Pawn shops, eBay, and even Abe Mor are great options. But there are some things you should be aware of before deciding to sell your gold for cash. If you’re dealing with a foreign company, be sure to know that your gold may not be worth what it appears to be. If this happens, you may wind up getting pennies on the dollar instead of making a decent profit.

Online gold buyers

When looking to sell gold for cash, you should consider using online gold buyers. These companies can offer you a quick, easy process for selling your gold, including a guaranteed price. But it’s important to remember that this price isn’t final, and you should submit your gold for a detailed appraisal. Likewise, some gold buyers specialize in certain niches, such as antique jewelry and rare gold coins.

The Luriya team is renowned for providing excellent customer service. Even though it moved its service online, Luriya maintained the same high standard of customer service. In addition, they are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, which means you’ll be able to trust them. While Luriya won’t tell you how much gold you’re worth, they do offer a free mail-in kit and a valuables appraisal. Once you mail-in your items, the company’s experts will assess your gold and offer a competitive payout.

The APMEX is one of the most popular online gold buyers. The site offers vault storage in Massachusetts, Delaware, and Idaho. Its vaults are fully insured by Lloyd’s of London, so you’re safe in the knowledge that your gold is in a secure location. And they pay within one business day. Customer service is also excellent, with the option to talk to a live person about your order. You can also access educational information on their website.

Pawn shops

If you have a piece of jewelry that you don’t want to part with, pawn shops sell gold for cash. Most pawn shops work in high volumes and have a large inventory. They tend to offer low offers and increase their prices once you reject their first offer. The lack of trust associated with a family-run business makes pawn shops less reputable. Most staff members are not trained to handle diamonds and precious metals, and you may have to bargain for a fair price.

While prices vary by shop, most gold jewelry is worth about 50 percent of its scrap value. Because gold is soft and scratchable, it is rarely made as pure gold jewelry. Most jewelry is made of a mix of gold and other metals that increase durability. Typically, this mixture is 10 or 14 karat gold. If you have gold jewelry, consider taking it to a pawn shop in New York City or Los Angeles.

While pawn shops sell gold for cash, there are many things to consider before deciding to give them your valuables. A pawn shop can pay up to 90 percent of the spot price for an ounce of gold. That’s not a bad rate considering that gold is the most expensive metal on earth. Pawn shops also use high-pressure sales tactics. While some pawn shops are great, others may not be. Before you decide on a pawn shop in New York City, remember that the first few times you do business with them, you might not feel comfortable enough with the process.


Before you begin selling your gold for cash on eBay, you should know a few things. The first thing you should know is that buyers are primarily concerned with the purity and melt weight of your gold. They also have different requirements for numismatic gold. In some cases, it is possible to sell your gold in-person, but this will require more effort on your part. You can still sell your gold for cash on eBay if you’ve got the right amount of gold.

Another thing to keep in mind when selling your gold on eBay is the risk of dealing with scammers. You’ll need to provide personal details, such as your address and telephone number, and identify yourself as a gold buyer. However, you’ll have no idea if the dealer you’re dealing with is reputable or not. What’s worse, eBay sellers have no legal obligation to protect your information. Your private details could easily end up in the hands of a marketing firm or a criminal gang.

While the eBay system allows you to sell gold, it is not without risk. Since this website has a high volume of traffic, competition is high. If you’re looking to sell your gold for cash, you can expect to receive bids well below its market value. In addition, the bidding process can be frustrating – some items sell for far more than their market value. So, be sure to choose a trustworthy seller and sell your gold for cash on eBay.

Abe Mor

If you are interested in selling gold for cash, you’ve probably come across Abe Mor online. This gold buyer will pay more money for gold jewelry than you might expect. Their online process makes it easy to sell scrap gold. In addition, they pay up to 95% of the scrap gold’s value. Abe Mor also offers a price match guarantee if you find an item cheaper elsewhere. So, if you’re looking for a way to sell gold for cash, you’ve come to the right place!

The process for selling gold is simple: Abe Mor will send you a free shipping kit, insure the package, and pay you cash within a day. You can send gold bars, coins, or jewelry to them. Abe Mor will even give you a higher rate if you buy a larger quantity than usual. They accept gold coins and bullion. Their process is fast, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your gold is safe and insured.

The company also offers certified diamonds. Their site has detailed images and measurements, but the quality of their images and videos are less than comparable services. However, their service is worth considering if you’re a real buyer. Abe Mor will pay for shipping insurance and will give you a competitive value assessment. Additionally, they offer more direct purchase than most competitors. But make sure you check out the quality of the stones before deciding whether to sell them to Abe Mor or not.


If you’re looking for a place to sell your gold and diamonds for cash, Circa is an option to consider. The company purchases high-end branded jewelry and accepts diamonds up to.4 carats. They also purchase engagement rings, vintage and estate jewelry, and pieces from different styles and periods. You don’t have to worry about shipping your items, since Circa will pay for the postage.

There are several reasons why you might want to sell your gold for cash. In an unstable economy, you can use the money to buy new jewelry or make other investments. Gold prices have been soaring over the past few years, and people from all walks of life are looking to the metal as an investment. Warren Buffet, among others, has invested a large portion of his wealth in gold mining. A few other reasons to consider selling your gold for cash are:

In addition, selling gold in a physical store requires you to dress, drive to multiple stores, and then return home. You may have limited mobility or need a little time to think before making a decision. Using an online gold buyer removes this hassle and allows you to get your money right away. When it comes to selling gold for cash, there are some advantages and disadvantages to both methods. In general, selling gold online is faster and easier than selling it at a physical store.

WP Diamonds

When you’re looking to sell your jewelry, consider selling it to WP Diamonds. This company is a trusted name in the industry, and their reviews are positive. They offer a high percentage of store credit, but they also pay in cash. When you sell your gold jewelry to WP Diamonds, you can choose the option of accepting the cash price or receiving more store credit. After you’ve completed the online form, WP Diamonds will contact you to make the transaction.

First, you’ll want to determine the value of your jewelry. The WP Diamonds website features a diamond weight calculator. You can enter the dimensions of your diamond, including length, width, and height to get an estimate for its carat weight. The website also allows you to view the diamond certification report. Once you’ve received your estimate, you can submit your jewelry to WP Diamonds for a final appraisal.

After you’ve sent your jewelry, WP Diamonds will pay you via PayPal, direct wire transfer, or check. If you’re not satisfied with the price, you can return the jewelry to them for free. The process is easy and convenient. And while the diamond value may not be as high as you’d like, it’s still worth a shot. In addition to cash, you’ll also receive free return shipping.


If you need cash fast, selling your jewelry for cash is a great way to earn that extra money. However, online auctions are risky, so be sure to follow some tips to ensure a smooth transaction. First, read customer reviews and evaluate the reputation of each business. You may have to get multiple appraisals before deciding on the best offer. Finally, insure and track your shipment. Reputable companies will do this for you.

The auction will feature a variety of gold specimens, from practical pieces to modern masterpieces. One of the most valuable items on the auction block is an Imperial carved giltwood ceremonial armchair that dates to 1804. It was commissioned for Napoleon’s Throne Room at the Tuileries palace in Paris. It is expected to fetch between $265,000 and $337k. Whether you’re looking to sell a piece of gold or sell it for cash, Sotheby’s can help.

The auction house’s commitment to numismatics is legendary. In addition to auctioning manuscripts and books, Sotheby’s started an entire department dedicated to coins. These items have become a part of history and are among the most important collections ever formed. Many record prices have been achieved by Sotheby’s, including the 1933 Double Eagle that sold for nearly $19.5 million. Some of the more expensive pieces are worth millions of dollars.

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