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Best Ways to Sell Gold for Cash

Before you sell your jewelry, you should know about the various ways that you can get cash for your gold. Some of the most popular methods include selling your gold jewelry to companies like Abe Mor, Circa, and WP Diamonds. Here are some of the best methods for you to consider. Depending on the kind of jewelry you have, you can get paid in one day, a week, or even months. To make your transaction as easy as possible, consider these methods to sell your gold jewelry for cash.

Abe Mor

When you are looking for a place to sell your old gold jewelry for cash, you should consider using Abe Mor as your gold buyer. You can expect to receive a higher price when you use Abe Mor, which is a reputable gold buyer. Additionally, you will have the option of sending your gold to Abe Mor in a prepaid mailer with tracking and insurance. Once you ship your gold jewelry to them, you will receive a check the same day or by wire transfer.

To sell your gold jewelry online, you should first find a reputable seller. Abe Mor pays cash for brand-name jewelry and can recommend a place to sell your other jewelry. If your gold watch is worth more than $1,000, you should try selling it to a pre-owned gold watch vendor. You can find these vendors online or in your locality. You should also check out other reviews of the seller before you make a decision about whether or not to use the service.

If you would like to sell diamonds, you can also go to Abe Mor for their diamond-buying service. The company will reach out to you within 1 business day with a quote and shipping details. You can accept or reject the offer within one business day. Another site that can help you sell your diamonds is CIRCA. The site also offers a free consultation and tour for those who wish to sell their jewelry.


If you own gold coins, you should check out the current value of these coins before selling them. Selling gold coins to a local jeweler offers you peace of mind, but you might end up getting less than what you were hoping for. The best way to sell gold is to sell them online to Worthy, a service that will guide you through the entire process. Another popular way to own gold is through gold bars. Gold bars are a convenient way to store and protect your valuables, as they are portable, private, and long-lasting.

Worthy provides professional appraisals using industry-leading standards. They also inspect jewelry and watches, offering higher cash offers than instant buyback vendors. You can also choose a site that pays for dental scraps and broken jewelry. These sites also buy gold and silver coins. They also provide a free jewelry appraisal and photography. Lastly, you can sell your gold to Worthy with the help of a local jeweler. This can help you to sell gold jewelry or other precious metals for cash.

The process of selling gold online can be quick and easy. If you have gold jewelry or coins, all you have to do is fill out an online form and wait for a quote. In a few business days, your gold will be mailed back to you! There are several online buyers to choose from, so do a search to find the best one for you. Look for customer testimonials, specific process, and comparisons with other online entities to ensure a safe and efficient transaction.


If you’re thinking of selling your old, unworn gold, consider an online store. Online buyers are more convenient and easier to reach than brick-and-mortar establishments. You can also sell your gold whenever suits you – no need to get dressed or go somewhere. Plus, you won’t have to deal with people who may pressure you into selling – unless you’d like to. Then you can focus on the process of selling your gold – whether you’re on a tight schedule or have limited mobility.

Most of the customer complaints with Circa are focused on receiving low-ball offers, which can vary from day to day. Customers also often feel pressured to accept a low-ball offer, so they walk away. Fortunately, Circa pays for postage if they send back your jewelry. Also, many users have complained about the condition of their jewelry. Many of the pieces received by the company had been worn or scratched.

Selling gold can be a profitable endeavor during a historical peak, but it is also a good idea when funds are tight. A quick cash offer will help you make ends meet, while a little extra money will encourage you to take a deep look in your drawers and give up on old, broken jewelry. Or, maybe you’ve been holding onto an ugly ring from a former relationship. There are plenty of reasons to sell gold, and these factors will play a role in determining the exact amount of cash you’ll receive.

WP Diamonds

Selling gold or diamonds online doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re selling loose diamonds, necklaces, or earrings, WP Diamonds offers quick, easy service. The process is simple: you fill out a simple form and the company will review your jewelry and pay you within 24 hours. If you can’t come in person, you can mail your items for free and get a check within a few days.

WP Diamonds is a trusted site with a good reputation and an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. They offer a fair price, have honest employees, and a simple process. Customers who have used the service have rated it at four or five stars. You can meet with a representative at one of their offices in New York City, Dallas, or Los Angeles to sell your jewelry.

The website is easy to navigate and offers free tools that can help you estimate the carat weight of your diamonds. WP Diamonds’ diamond calculator uses the diamond’s shape, length, width, and height to calculate the carat weight. To ensure that your diamond is worth the same as its price, WP Diamonds also offers a free certification report. Simply enter the certification number and weight of your diamond and you’ll get an exact quote.


There are several ways to sell gold for cash. The first way is to sell it to an authorized dealer. You can do this by searching online or by visiting your local jewelry store. Once you’ve located an authorized dealer, you’ll want to package the gold to fit their specific specifications and discuss payment terms. An in-person transaction will usually result in payment within the same day. In contrast, shipping your gold to a buyer may require more time and hassle.

For more convenience, you can send your gold to Express Gold Cash. It will send you a prepaid FedEx shipping box, insuring your items up to $5,000. You can then receive your cash offer within 24 hours. Luriya is another option. Located in Manhattan, this company accepts sales via mail or in person. In either case, the company will provide a free shipping label for your items.

When selling your gold, you can choose whether you want to mail your gold or collect a check. The process can be simple and quick. You may receive cash in a day or two, depending on the gold’s purity and weight. Some dealers even offer a 1-day guarantee, but it’s best to be careful about this. When choosing a buyer, be sure to look for online reviews, testimonials, and a comparison to other online entities. Then, make an informed decision on whether to sell your gold.


The RealReal claims to be able to verify the authenticity of gold coins and jewelry. The company uses authenticated luxury consignment services. Its website lists 61 authentication experts. This helps the company attract investors. It hopes to raise $285 million during its IPO. In November, the company was valued at $2 billion. Although it’s unclear exactly how much of this money will be used to improve customer service and ensure authenticity, the company does have a reputation for a high level of customer service.

One such website, TheReal, is facing a lawsuit from Chanel Inc., which claims the site was selling counterfeit Chanel handbags. The company claims only it knows what’s genuine and what’s not. Its chief authenticator, Graham Wetzbarger, resigned abruptly in October. Wetzbarger was the face of its authentication department and appeared in videos explaining the company’s vetting process.

The stock of RealReal is an attractive investment, but investors need to be aware of its risks. The company has a high short interest rate of almost 20%, which could lead to a short squeeze in the near term. While this number doesn’t carry much weight in the long run, it’s important to remember that RealReal’s insiders have been selling more than they are buying over the past 12 months. This is a clear indication of the company’s deteriorating financial health.

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