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Welcome to Chapes-JPL!
Are you looking for a gold buyer around Dacula Perhaps, you have some antiques and collectibles that you don’t have any use for and are looking for an antique buyer and collectibles buyer in the areas? Well, if you live near Dacula, there is a place where you can go to sell gold, and your old collectibles and antiques.

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If you are in need of a gold buyer, antique buyer and collectible buyer in Dacula who can give you an honest price for our items, come by Chapes-JPL. Here at Chapes-JPL, we are the number one place to go whenever you want to sell gold and your collectibles for a fair price.

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We have been buying jewelry from people around Dacula for many years and have become the number one place to sell jewelry due to our friendly service and fair prices. Why let those old jewelry and antiques take space up in your drawers while you can make a good amount of cash selling them to Chapes-JPL.

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Chapes-JPL is located in Dacula. Here at Chapes-JPL, we provide you a place where you can sell all your unwanted jewelry. Around Dacula, we are your number one gold buyer in the area. We buy gold any time you are looking to sell some jewelry and make some good amount of cash for it, come here at Chapes-JPL.

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We take great pride in our honest and friendly service. When it comes to our service, we want to build a great amount of trust so whenever anyone has some jewelry to sell and need a fair gold buyer, they know that they can come to Chapes-JPL.
Do you have some gold chains that are out of style? Do you have an old ring that an old flame gave to you that you just can’t stand to look at but don’t know what to do with it? Bring them all here to Chapes-JPL.

Here at Chapes-JPL we are your number one source for a gold buyer in Dacula. As long as your items are in good condition, we would like for you to bring it in and have us take a look at it.

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