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At Chapes-JPL we like for all our customers to experience superior service every visit. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Also, Spanish speaking employees are on site for your convenience.

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Gold Exchange, Buyer Seller of Gold or Gold Jewelry or Coins in Dunwoody.
Chapes-JPL provides genuine, personal consultations when you are looking to sell your gold, or other precious metals at our highly secure store in the Dunwoody . We are fully licensed precious Gold buyers by the state of Georgia.

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In your unwanted, scrap, estate gold or gold coin or jewelry consultation we will carefully examine each individual piece of jewelry or coin and test it with the industry’s top of the line equipment making certain you get paid top dollar and are treated fairly.

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Keep in mind that all gold used in jewelry contains alloy metals because pure gold will not hold its shape very long. This means when a ring has a stamp of 14 karat it may not be 14k but 13 karat or less.

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Don’t mail your precious metal items to some online company you’ve never done business with. And certainly don’t go to a gold buyer that knows little about diamonds. Or what about a coin dealer that knows coins but has limited knowledge of jewelry?
Come to our convenient Dunwoody location to sit down with generation jeweler who will weigh and grade your precious metals or gold honestly using the most advanced equipment.
Our scales have been calibrated and locked by the Dunwoody, insuring that you are being paid for the true weight of your gold jewelry. In addition to buying jewelry for scrap, we also buy jewelry for re-sale. Items for re-sale are valued based upon comparable re-sale prices rather than their intrinsic commodity value.

When you are looking to sell gold in Dunwoody, we are the gold buyer you want to visit..

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