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There are many places you can sell your gold, but there are some specific steps you should follow before selling it. You can look for gold buyers at Sotheby’s, Abe Mor, or Circa to determine the value of your item. You can also try asking a merchant to increase their price if they are willing to pay more. Make sure to act professionally when asking for more, as you may end up with a lower initial offer and a higher counter-offer. When choosing a merchant to sell your gold, make sure to choose one that specializes in that particular item.

Abe Mor

The company offers higher prices for your scrap gold when you sell it to Abe Mor. Most “cash for gold” websites only pay 50 cents on the dollar for gold jewelry scrap. But Abe Mor will pay you up to 75 percent of the scrap value of your gold jewelry. The company is also willing to buy small diamonds from broken jewelry. They also have a price match guarantee. It is possible to sell your gold jewelry at a higher rate if you have more gold than that.

For jewelry, Abe Mor can buy brand name pieces. If you’d like to sell a gold watch, you can contact them directly or look for a pre-owned gold watch vendor online. They will then ship your jewelry back to you for free. The company processes payouts within one business day. Abe Mor also buys coins and bullion. If you’d rather sell your jewelry online, Abe Mor has its own gold marketplace.

Abe Mor is a good option for people who have old jewelry that they no longer want. They can sell jewelry items that have been worn by the owners and still have their original packaging. They can even buy brand name gold jewelry if they’re able to find a market value for them. The service is highly rated and is free of scams. Abe Mor also offers shipping labels and insurance coverage for up to $100k.


There are a variety of benefits to selling your gold for cash, including a fast payment. Most online gold buyers pay within 24 hours, and many accept multiple forms of payment. While this may not be the fastest option, it is convenient and easy. If you have an item you want to sell, here are the steps you should take. o Select a reputable merchant. Choose a merchant that specializes in the type of gold you have.

o Know the carat content and weight of your gold. Manufacturers stamp the karat content on their gold, which will give you a rough idea of its purity. Some of the more common forms of gold jewelry, like earrings, are marked with less pure gold. This is because jewelry makers use other metals to make their items stronger and more durable. 24K gold is the best way to store your wealth.

o Check the process. There are many ways to sell your gold. Some gold recycling companies are more convenient than jewelers. Online gold buyers can process your gold faster than jewelers and can even handle your gold mail-in. You can also read client testimonials and see if the process is easy. Many online entities have comparisons of prices, but be sure to research the process in detail. When you’re ready to sell your gold, remember to choose a reputable company.


Despite the current market volatility, many businesspeople still invest in solid gold. After the global economic downturn of the 2000s, this trend was revived, and it even made its way down to the local infomercials, where the least savvy capitalist could sell off gold jewelry for cash. Now, Sotheby’s is bringing this event to a new level of volatility with its gold jewelry sales.

The auctioneer accepts jewelry up to five thousand dollars. The price will include the buyer’s and seller’s premiums negotiated in advance. This can amount to an extra 25 percent of the selling price. While it is possible to sell off jewelry for scrap value, you should be patient because it might not find an eager buyer. If you need cash right away, you can always offer a lower price.

Sotheby’s auctions can be very lucrative. One of their recent auctions was for a 1904 stamp with the letter “J.” The auctioneer bought it from a former owner for $9.5 million. In 2014, an anonymous buyer bought the stamp for $9.5 million. The stamp has an inverted shoe mark on it and his initials, indicating the buyer was a famous stiletto shoe designer.

In addition to gold coins, Sotheby’s will also auction off stamps. This year’s auction will feature the last gold coin intended for circulation in America. A rare coin with this value was expected to fetch $10 million to $15 million, but broke the previous world record price by $21.5 million. Sotheby’s is known for its strict security policies and high net worth of bidders. And the London headquarters will host its live auction on Oct. 17.


There are many reasons to sell gold for cash, including a soaring price of the precious metal, the instability of the economy, or the desire to invest in new pieces of jewelry. Whatever the reason, it is a good time to sell your gold. People all over the world are turning to gold as an investment, including billionaires like Warren Buffet who own a substantial stake in gold mining. And the price of gold is only rising, which makes it a sound choice for any investment portfolio.

The company also offers a guarantee on the price of your gold or jewelry. Although Circa doesn’t buy your jewelry directly, it offers an estimate that may exceed your original purchase price. That means that if your offer is too low, you might want to wait a day or two for a better offer. It is worth noting that Circa will cover the cost of postage if you decide to mail your jewelry. Also, you won’t have to worry about your jewelry being damaged or missing parts.

Another good reason to sell your gold for cash is convenience. There is no need to rush and visit multiple stores to sell your gold. Instead, you can sell your gold online and avoid the hassle of driving from store to store. With gold prices rising and competition boosting, you can get a better offer and avoid the stress. There’s no need to worry about transportation or determining the best place to sell your gold.

WP Diamonds

If you want to sell gold for cash, you can go to WP Diamonds and sell your jewelry. You can get paid within 24 hours if you go to one of their locations, or you can ship your jewelry to theirs. They will provide you with shipping instructions and full insurance. After assessing your items, you will be sent payment through bank transfer. If you’d rather receive your payment on the same day, you can also set up an appointment.

The WP Diamonds website is very user-friendly. You can use tools to estimate the weight of your diamonds, including a carat calculator. In the Diamonds section, you can enter the length, width, and height of your diamond to get an approximate carat weight. If you’re unsure of the weight, you can request a certified report on your diamond. Then, you can enter the weight and certification number of your diamond and receive a quote.

Another way to determine the value of your gold is to visit Worthy. This website is similar to WP Diamonds, but it attracts more bids. Worthy also offers jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes with three or more items earn a higher percentage of the auction price. While Worthy does not have a minimum value requirement, you should note that it reserves the right to return your items if they are below its minimum value. WP Diamonds is a global marketplace with offices in many different countries. It specializes in buying and selling pre-owned luxury brand jewelry.

Online auction sites

If you’re in need of extra cash, selling your gold can be a great option. Auction sites typically have a lot of buyers looking for items just like yours. Moreover, there are several benefits to selling gold online. The cash is usually faster than selling gold on your own. Plus, these sites will cover all the shipping and insurance costs. However, these options can be risky. Here are some tips for making the most of your gold.

Find out how much you can earn by selling your gold. While selling gold online, it is crucial to be realistic about the selling fees. These fees can vary widely between sites. For instance, online auction sites might only charge a fee if they actually sell your gold. Other sites, like instant buyback sites, do not charge fees for the platform or shipping. This may result in lower appraisal values, but the convenience factor is well worth it.

Professional dealers pay higher prices. When selling your gold, it’s important to find a professional dealer who can ensure the safety of your valuables. You’ll be required to provide proper identification, but that’s worth the peace of mind. Also, make sure the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. And remember, gold is an extremely valuable asset. There’s no reason not to take advantage of it!

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