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How to Sell Gold For Cash

There are many ways to sell gold for cash. You can visit to determine what your gold is worth, send it in an insured mailer, and get a quote in 24 hours. Once you accept the quote, you can pay the buyer by check, PayPal, or bank wire. And if you are unhappy with the price, they will send your item back for free and post it to you. And all of this happens completely online.


If you’re in the market for some gold, you might consider selling it to APMEX. This authorized purchaser is on a limited list and can purchase up to 10,000 ounces of silver at a time. In order to become an authorized purchaser, APMEX must prove it has the financial resources and longevity to purchase large quantities of PMs. It also must complete an extensive financial background form before it can purchase your gold.

APMEX offers silver and gold bullion from over a dozen mints around the world. They also sell numismatic products like coins and bars. They have their own numismatic department, and house all of their product at their Oklahoma City headquarters. FedEx and UPS pick up any parcels they receive. If you prefer the USPS, they drop off the rest. APMEX also offers several educational tools to help you decide on a price for your silver or gold.

Coin collectors will enjoy APMEX’s wide selection of coins and jewelry. Their pre-ordering system lets them notify them of new and older coins. Their coins are often certified and packaged in tamper-proof packaging. The prices offered are similar to those of other sites, and APMEX’s selection is more diverse. It’s also possible to sell a large collection of coins, ranging from antique pieces to rare and valuable coins.

Regardless of your reasons for selling your Gold, you’ll be glad you did. The process is easy and fast. And APMEX can even purchase other valuables like diamonds and other jewelry, including diamond rings. You can sell your unwanted gold to APMEX and get cash in return for it! You can even send your gold to someone in another country, or use the proceeds to purchase a luxury car.

Liberty Gold and Silver

If you have any gold or silver items that you want to sell for cash, you can do so by using the services of Liberty. Their website allows you to get an instant quote and ships the gold in a secure UPS envelope for free. The service covers the cost of shipping and insures your gold to at least $1,000. You’ll get paid in cash by check, but you can also opt for a wire transfer if you prefer.

Before you get started, you may want to try selling your gold privately to avoid transaction costs. You can also sell it privately on sites like Craigslist or other selling apps. Remember to use basic safety precautions to protect yourself and your precious metal. Meet in a public place, bring a friend, and only accept payments from buyers who guarantee the funds. Then, you can sell your gold and receive it within a week.

The process of selling your gold can take anywhere from five to 15 minutes. Most of the time, you’ll have to pay a minimum of $1000 for the purchase. However, if you’re looking for the fastest way to get paid, try a local jewelry store or pawn shop. Local jewelers are likely to pay you fairly for your gold and will be happy to take it off your hands. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you got paid for your gold with the best possible service.

When selling gold or silver, be sure to weigh all of your options carefully. The price you receive for your items will vary depending on the type of bullion. The more valuable your item is, the higher your payout will be. It’s also important to consider the convenience and safety of the transaction. However, be sure not to let the process put you under too much pressure. The last thing you want is to lose your precious metals, so choose your seller wisely.


The value of gold has skyrocketed in recent years, with the metal now worth more than double what it was 10 years ago. Even though many business people are now reluctant to part with their gold, the safest way to invest is by purchasing solid gold. The “gold bug” was revived in 2000, making its way down to local infomercials, allowing even the most inexperienced capitalists to buy and sell gold jewelry. Despite this upswing in demand, Sotheby’s has opted to sell gold jewelry at a time when the precious metal has reached a new high of market volatility.

The auction also includes many items of interest to collectors. A bust of Johnny Cash, for instance, sold for $2.750 in Lot 102. Another piece of Cash memorabilia sold for over $110,000, with a size 4-6 selling for around the same amount. The auction will feature a wide range of other items, from the late musician’s personal guitars to his handwritten lyrics.

The auction features a variety of pieces ranging from antiques to modern masterpieces. A few of the best-known pieces in the auction include a gold “freedom box” and a Mets bullpen cart. For example, a rare 1804 gold ceremonial armchair made of giltwood is expected to fetch $265,000 to $337k. In addition to these valuable items, the auction will include a large collection of gold specimens.

For more traditional collectors, a visit to Sotheby’s website is recommended. You can get a quote and pay for your item in 24 hours. The company pays by check, PayPal, or bank wire. The items can be shipped directly to the buyer or posted to the seller. This auction was attended by an anonymous buyer who wanted to remain anonymous. In addition to gold jewelry, a plate block of 24-cent “Inverted Jenny” stamps was sold for $4.9 million.


One of the best ways to make sure you are getting the most money possible from your jewelry is to sell it to a reputable company like Circa. Not only does this company buy gold, but they will also pay you cash for diamonds and other fine jewelry. They will even buy engagement rings and other high-end branded items. And you can ship your jewelry to them for free, round-trip shipping. If you’re not satisfied with the appraisal, you can even send it back – they will cover the postage for you.

Another option is to use an online jewelry seller like Circa. The company, which was formerly known as Mondiamo, evaluates your pieces of jewelry and then makes you an offer. Worthy is another site that also accepts jewelry. They are not directly buying the pieces, but rather act as an auction marketplace for jewelry. This means that you may get a better price than what you initially thought. You can also sell your items at a local jewelry store like Worthy.

If you’re considering selling your jewelry to Circa, you should know that the company has a guarantee on the price range you receive for your items. They guarantee a final offer price within your specified range, and they don’t charge you anything to ship your jewelry. They also pay you via wire transfer or bank wire, depending on your location. And they’re fast! Just be sure to have your jewelry piece ready to send to Circa.

Banks used to buy gold bullion and bars. Now only a few still do. Online gold buyers make it easier to choose an ideal buyer because you don’t have to drive to several locations to get the best deal. There is more competition, which means higher prices. And the more competition there is, the better the price. You can get more for your gold if you sell it online. It’s worth trying.


If you are looking to sell your gold and silver jewelry, then you’ve come to the right place. Luriya offers free in-person appraisals right in the Diamond District of Manhattan. It even offers up to $1 million in insurance. You can mail your gold and silver to them or get a prepaid FedEx shipping label to drop off your items. It is important to consider the quality and price of your gold and silver jewelry when deciding whether to sell it to a cash-for-gold company.

To sell your gold to Luriya, all you need to do is fill out an online form and send your jewelry to the store. Once you have the envelope and gold and silver, you can mail it to them. If you live outside of Manhattan, you can send it to a UPS shipping center. The shipping and insurance is free. And, they will also reimburse you the costs of shipping. They’ve been in business for over 20 years, so they’re well-established and have a good reputation in the “Diamond District” of Manhattan.

Selling gold requires some negotiation, so be prepared to ask for more than you were offered at first. Make sure you are polite and professional while asking for more. You never know when you’ll receive a higher counter-offer than you’d initially anticipated. In the end, you should pick the right option for your item, and choose a Luriya merchant that specializes in that particular item. If you’re not sure whether or not you should sell your gold to Luriya, here’s what you need to know.

Another way to sell gold for cash is to go to your local pawn shop. Some local jewelry stores and pawn shops will pay you cash right away. While these are the most convenient options, they will also offer the most cash for gold. You can also go to a local gold exchange. These are two of the quickest ways to sell gold. These locations will buy your gold and pay you immediately. However, these options require more research than gold exchanges do.

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