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When you sell gold to a store, you must get ready, drive to different locations, and then come home. You may need to think about the deal or have limited mobility. With online services, you can sell gold without the hassle of driving. The convenience of online gold buyers also comes with a lower risk of scams. Many websites also pay cash for gold. You can even sell gold for cash on your mobile phone! Listed below are a few benefits of online gold sellers.

Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange is a website that offers buyers the opportunity to purchase gold and other precious metals in exchange for cash. They accept all types of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They also offer loans backed by gold or silver. Money Metals Exchange advances 75% of the value of the collateral. The process is simple and fast, and your gold and silver remain fully insured. Money Metals Exchange sells gold for cash and has many other convenient options.

Before selling your gold or silver to Money Metals Exchange, it is important to know how to identify the metal you’re selling. Coins should be clearly labeled, with the purity and weight of each. Bars should be uniform and in good condition. Precious metals also include pre-1965 dimes and half-dollars, which are worth at least one-third of their face value. If you aren’t sure about its authenticity, Money Metals Exchange will do an examination to ensure that it meets the standards.

Buying metals from the exchange is simple, fast, and secure. You can simply click “Add to Cart” to purchase a single item, or buy multiple items at once. It’s not necessary to create an account to track your purchases. You can also set up subscriptions to receive free rounds every month. A subscription gives you an exclusive discount on every purchase. This way, you don’t have to worry about a lower price at the pawn shop.

The best way to sell your gold is through a reliable buyer. Always try to negotiate a firm price with your prospective buyer, and be careful not to be tempted by low offers from friends, coworkers, or telemarketers. Getting a low price for your gold means you won’t get the most money for your gold. It’s better to take your time and wait for the perfect price for you to sell your precious metals.

Abe Mor

When it comes to selling gold, you might be tempted to try selling it yourself, but if you’re looking for a company that will pay top dollar, Abe Mor might be the place to go. This gold buyer offers better prices than most online stores that buy gold bullion, and they’ll pay a fair market price for gold bars, coins, and jewelry. In addition to gold bullion, Abe Mor also buys scrap gold, including broken jewelry.

Unlike pawn shops, which offer the lowest profits, you’ll find reputable bullion merchants online. It pays to do a little research before selecting an online bullion merchant. Ask around, read reviews, and check out the BBB and Yelp to learn about reputable gold merchants. Online, there are several gold and silver merchants, including Abe Mor. Alternatively, you could also try selling your gold on eBay, though there’s a risk of counterfeit products.

If you’re looking for a local New York City dealer that will pay top dollar for your gold, Abe Mor can be a great option. Whether you’re selling a large gold collection or a single item, you’ll be able to check the value of your gold bullion on their website. Fill out a simple form to get a quote, and you’ll receive your cash within a business day.

Liberty Gold and Silver

If you are looking for a safe, secure, and easy way to sell your gold or silver, look no further than Liberty, a Portland, Oregon-based precious metals buyer. In addition to offering a free quote, this company also provides free shipping labels and insurance for up to $1,000 worth of gold. If your gold is worth more than this amount, Liberty will reimburse you for your shipping costs. If you’d rather receive payment via bank transfer or check, Liberty has an additional fee.

Choosing the right place to sell your gold requires some research. Unlike selling it through a retailer, you can sell gold privately to get a higher price. You can try ad placement on eBay, Craigslist, or other selling apps. Just be sure to follow basic safety precautions before meeting with a stranger online or in person. Meet in a public place and bring someone with you to protect your identity. If the buyer asks for cash upfront, you can expect to receive payment the next business day.

Another option for a gold buyer is Cash for Gold USA. The company was rated the #1 gold buyer of 2019 by NBC’s Today Show. Using their online calculator, you can find out how much gold you can sell for. You’ll then be mailed a free shipping label, which is usually expedited and delivered to your doorstep. Liberty Gold and Silver can also be found near 155-2 Liberty Ave, 2c in Queens, NY.

A company can also sell gold for cash by paying you a portion of the value of the metal. During the peak of the gold and silver market, the company would pay retail customers $25 per ounce for 1,000-ounce bags of U.S. 90% silver coins. However, this was six months ago, when prices were nearly double what they are today. As a result, the retail selling price at Liberty Gold and Silver was 70 percent higher than its current spot value.

WP Diamonds

If you have a gold or diamond ring that you no longer need, then selling your jewelry for cash is a great idea. While it may seem like an uphill task, WP Diamonds takes pride in its efficiency and privacy. In just five simple steps, you can get paid for your jewelry without the hassle of shipping or figuring out what to do with the insurance. The company will also pay you by check or bank transfer, so there are no surprises when you receive your payment.

When selling your gold or diamond ring to WP Diamonds, you can use their free tools to estimate the value of your jewelry. One tool is the diamond weight calculator, which uses the shape of the diamond as well as its height, width, and length to determine its carat weight. You can also use their diamond certification report. You’ll need to enter the diamond’s weight and certification number. Once you have an estimate, you can ship your gold or diamond ring to WP Diamonds.

Once you receive a quote from WP Diamonds, you’ll receive free FedEx shipping, with insurance based on the high end of the quoted amount. Once your jewelry arrives at WP Diamonds, they’ll open it on camera to evaluate its value. The GIA-trained staff of WPD gemologists will evaluate the diamond in-house. The final offer is made by a bespoke client representative.

WP Diamonds is an established business that’s been around for four years and has a positive reputation. The website is clean and professional and includes detailed information about the process. Customers can even get an idea of how to expect their transaction. A positive rating from the Better Business Bureau will help you decide whether to use WP Diamonds or not. There’s no harm in trying. This company can help you sell your gold and diamonds for cash!


If you’ve been wondering how to sell gold and silver jewelry, you may want to consider selling it to Circa, an online marketplace that buys high-quality fine jewelry. Founded in 2013, Circa is a partner company of Blue Nile, an internationally recognized jewelry retailer. They will purchase your items and then issue a credit for their value. While the process of selling gold and silver jewelry isn’t as simple as listing it on a website, it’s fast and convenient.

Selling gold can be a lucrative business during its historic peak. However, selling it for cash might not always be profitable, especially if you’re in need of money for another purpose. Besides getting quick cash, selling gold may inspire you to clear out your jewelry drawers and get rid of any old and broken pieces. It might also spur you to get rid of ugly rings from your ex, or stop holding onto old broken jewelry.

To sell gold and silver for cash, you need to find a reliable buyer. Many companies charge a commission to process their transactions. However, there are legitimate buyers. You can sell gold and silver to Circa without a commission. In addition to that, they pay you cash, so you should always choose a reputable company that offers a guarantee. If the company does not offer a guarantee, you can’t be sure of the value of your items.

When selling gold in a physical store, you should be prepared to go through many hassles. First, you’ll have to get ready, drive to different stores, and then drive home. This means you’ll need some time to consider your options. And you may be limited in your mobility, so driving can be a hassle. Secondly, it’s time consuming. That’s why online gold buyers make it so convenient for you.

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