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Gold Buyers can confidently say that Chapes-JPL  is their number one choice for cash for gold and other jewelry. Here is why:

Scrap Gold is Gold that has been discarded as useless or worthless because it could no longer be used for investment or commerce. Gold is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Gold is no longer “rare” or valuable. Gold is now what most of us use to make ends meet.

When I first started in the Gold Market, I did not know what to look for, how to distinguish between a good quality product and a cheap one, and how to price my scrap Gold correctly. What I did know was that all Gold products have two characteristics in common, they are Gold Purity and the grade of the Gold. A higher Gold Purity rating means better quality and greater value for your Gold scraps, and you always get the best rate with Chapes-JPL. So what is the difference between Gold Purity and Gold Price?

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Gold Purity is determined by analyzing the Gold content in the same quantity of pure Gold found in bullion bars and coins. Gold Purity can be determined from the weight of the Gold piece/s and also by the weight of its container. Gold buyers will pay top dollar for scrap gold that is pure Gold. Gold dealers or Gold buyers can tell you what Gold Purity you have just before you sell to them.

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Many Gold consumers want the security of having that guaranteed, but not all want or need that extra insurance. Some would like to make Gold to add to their collections, but just do not have the time to locate a qualified Gold buyer or dealer. In that case, many consumers turn to a company specializing in buying Gold to create and manage an account for them, that then acts as a personal bank, where Gold sellers or lenders can maximize liquid capital from their hard assets collection of Gold Bullion and other Gold items that they may want to sell online or in person.

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Another popular way to sell Gold to make extra money is through inherited gold, or entire jewelry pieces. There are a few different ways that you can do this. You can visit local pawn shops and Gold stores in your area and attempt to sell Gold jewelry yourself. Often times this does not work out, because the store or pawn shop owner does not have the reputation of Chapes-JPL. The other options include selling Gold jewelry online through reliable and established Gold websites such as, which have professional, verified Gold buyers working with them to find the best possible deal for you.

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Lastly, if you decide you want to sit down face-to-face with a Gold dealer, you can also do that easily too, and you can do it right there on the website, setting up an appointment or just stop by our convenient location. A great advantage to selling Gold online through a Gold seller vs. a Gold pawnshop or Gold store is that you have access to a much larger customer base, which means you can more effectively negotiate prices, research the item that you wish to sell, and even contact the buyers after you receive payment.

How Much Can I Sell My Gold for Cash in Rome, GA?

If you are considering selling some gold jewelry, I strongly recommend that you consider calling Chapes-JPL. You will find many great benefits to this option including access to instant cash, and capital, fast turnaround times, and the ability to work with a dedicated gold buyer who will provide you with accurate, honest information. After you have found the best place to work with, you should immediately set up an account with them. You will need to enter in some personal information, such as your name and address, but once that is done, you can get started. Selling Gold online through a dedicated, verified Gold buyer will be the easiest way to make Cash Money available to you or your family, while giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are getting fast, top dollar cash for your authentic gold coins, scrap gold, and gold jewelry.

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